Wisdom Teeth Surgery

By Lia Ferrante
December 21, 2011

The moment came when I had to grow up and face the dreadful truth that I had to get my wisdom teeth out. I honestly never thought this day would ever come, well not so soon anyway. It soon came when I was about to turn 20 in less than two weeks and the only birthday present I was getting was ice and pain killers.

It was a weekend when pain, ice cream, soup, and reality television were my best friends. Before walking into surgery I had to get a consultation with my dentist to see if getting them out was the best solution to the pain I was having while eating. Of course as soon as I opened my mouth my doctor said something that I didn’t want to hear, “So when do you want to have the surgery, and your getting all four out at once.” My heart dropped and my stomach tangled up. I have never been through this kind of pain before and I sure wasn’t ready for what was about to happen.

I was able to watch a movie about what to expect before and after surgery. Having the informational video allowed me to be more aware of what was going to be occurring when walking into surgery and when walking out. I was nervous during the whole consultation, but thank goodness I had my Dad there with me holding my hand and telling me everything was going to go well and to relax. He was right of course.

The day of surgery I made sure I was up at least two hours before my appointment to make sure I was fully mentally prepared in what I was walking into. I went through the checklist before going into the office by not wearing make-up and to have my hair up. My checklist was finished and the time came when I had to go get in the car and head over to the office. A million thoughts went through my head. I was worrying myself way more than I needed to, but come on who doesn’t think about the worst possible things before going into any kind of surgery?

While sitting in the waiting room with my Dad I was ready to just get the surgery over with for once and for all. Of course with my ambition of being confident that the surgery will get done in the hour, we were in the waiting room for much longer than we thought we would be in there. The minutes seemed to be dragging and I honestly thought the dentist forgot about me and I was planning out my escape plan in my head to leave. Finally, he called my name and I was moments away from being in the worst pain of my life.

I entered the surgery room and had to sit in the chair. As soon as I sat in the chair, I noticed that it was cold and not comfortable. I was ready to just get up and leave and maybe do the surgery another day, but unfortunately that wasn’t an option for me.

The dentist came in and told me that they were going to put me to sleep during surgery so I wouldn’t feel the pain of the surgery and it would go by faster. To my excitement, as soon as I fell asleep for surgery it was already time to get up. The surgery went well and all that worrying was for nothing.

After surgery, all I did was sleep and take medicine as it was directed. The pain in my mouth was unbearable and being just hungry was an understatement. The surgery wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. Getting my wisdom teeth out allowed me to not be in pain anymore and it was beyond worth it.

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Lia Ferrante

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