Wireless advantages

By Michelle Moran
September 23, 2005

Jerry Zurek

As a result of Cabrini and Drexel University’s IT relationship, Cabrini is now able to utilize technologies such as becoming a wireless campus, having high speed internet service and using an online course delivery system. One of the most impressive services that Cabrini offers is the campus wireless network

Cabrini’s wireless network covers various areas such as Founders Hall, Widener Center, Dixon Center, the mansion, Holy Spirit Library, the new Science building, Woodcrest, New Residence building, the apartments and certain areas surrounding these buildings. Areas that are not included in the wireless network are Houses 1-6 and various outdoor areas on the campus. Although the houses are not wireless there are certain areas outside the houses with reception or you can use the standard ethernet jacks to hook your computer up to the internet.

The Cabrini wireless network is really ideal for laptop computers since users can make the most of the portability of the computer and use it on various areas of the campus. Laptop computers may cost a little more than your standard computer, but with a laptop the convenience and portability features are just the thing for a busy college student because you can access the internet almost anywhere on campus including outside. The Cabrini wireless network supports both PC and Mac computers.

I think that Cabrini going wireless is a major step forward for our campus. By becoming wireless we are showing that we can employ the same technologies that other major colleges and businesses use. Personally as a graphic design major, having wireless classrooms allows my fellow students and me to bring our laptops to class and do work on our own personal computers without worrying about saving our work to the H drive.

The wireless trend is growing, so having wireless ability on campus lets students and faculty become comfortable with the technology. Other places that you can bring your laptop to and access their free wireless Internet are places such as Love Park and Barnes & Nobles. I recommend to anyone that has a laptop on campus to visit the ITR room and take a couple minutes to set up your wireless connection.

The first step in connecting your computer to the wireless network is to check if your computer is equipped with a wireless card. Many new laptops already come with one built in. You will also need to make sure that your wireless network card is compatible with Cabrini’s network. Then once you have the wireless card you will need to register it with Cabrini. The card needs to be registered to ensure that only Cabrini students and faculty are using the service. After those few simple steps, you will be ready to take your laptop almost anywhere on campus and access the world wide web.

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Michelle Moran

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