Why pay full price?

By Kristen Catalanotto
March 25, 2004

Cecelia Francisco

Cruising down the isle of the local grocery store, I found myself astonished by the amount of choices I actually have. No, not by the stylish brand names, but by the plethora of generic food brands there are on the grocery store shelves.

My personal favorite generic product is “Dr. Thunder,” made by the Wal-Mart Corporation. Following in a close second is “Dr. Bold,” which you can find at your local Acme. These beverages are of course, the close cousins of the famous “Dr. Pepper,” made by the Coke-a-Cola Corporation. Finding these just as good products can be tricky at times. While shopping on be sure to look at the bottom shelves in order to find the less-expensive products that fit a college student’s budget.

You won’t find, “Mighty Crunch,” the generic brand of “Captain Crunch” at eye level on the shelves, you will find it tucked behind the other more expensive brands. Go ahead and pick yourself up a box, it tastes just as good!

Generic medicine is also another way to save money. Allergy season is approaching, I like to purchase the giant bottle of “equate,” which is Wal-Mart’s version of medicine. It does the exact same job, but at a much discounted price.

Of course, I can not write an article about generic foods without mentioning one of the greatest generic foods of all time, “Hyrox Oreos!” Hydrox cookies were truly the best inexpensive treat that I enjoyed as my after school snack.

Basically, I highly recommend shopping around for the superb brands that aren’t as popular as the flashy name brands. They taste just as good and are better for your college wallet!

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Kristen Catalanotto

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