‘Whose life is it anyway’ opens this fall

By Megan Pellegrino
September 15, 2006

This coming November, the theater will be performing the Tony Award-winning drama “Whose life is it anyway?”

Auditions were held on the week of Sept. 5, when Cabrini students auditioned for the 13 roles available. These roles included the lead, a famous sculptor, who after a car accident becomes paralyzed from the neck down and becomes challenged with life.

The play looks at the aftermath of how the lead character feels after becoming paralyzed from the neck down. The lead becomes depressed quickly from his handicap and decides that he would rather not be alive than live this way. In the play, we meet many characters that show the lead and the audience whose life it really is.

“Whose life is it anyway?” questions numerous issues that many of us see or face in the world today. It deals with being handicapped and the issues that come mentally and physically with being paralyzed.

Dr. Thomas Stretton, education professor and director of the production, said that he chose this play because he “wanted to do something that was successful on Broadway, while at the same time creates for the audience what it truly means to be alive.”

Stretton knows that this play will be a huge challenge for Cabrini to take on but hopes that the challenge will then it turn create community and family throughout the school and community.

“Whose life is it anyway?” may seem as though that it is an extremely serious play, but it also has many humorous segments to it as well. The play is made for the audience to see the seriousness of the storyline, and to let them enjoy the comedy.

“Whose life is it anyway?” is a play that Stretton hopes the audience can enjoy, but at the same time “remember the important message that is brought out throughout the production long after the seeing the play.”

The fall play will be held on Nov. 4 and 5, and Nov. 9, 10 and 11 in the Grace Hall theater. Tickets will be free and available at a later time. “Whose life is it anyway?” is made to inspire the audience with a story and ways of expressing its meaning of what life is truly about.

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Megan Pellegrino

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