Who Dat? Saints capture first Super Bowl title

By Nicholas Guldin
February 11, 2010

The Colts were primed and set for action on Super Bowl Sunday. They were fresh off some big postseason wins against the Baltimore Ravens and the New York Jets. In both victories they won by more than 10 points.

Peyton Manning, arguably the best quarterback in the league, charged out of the tunnel with his team. Confident, prepared and well coached, everyone knew the Colts were far from the underdogs in this Super Bowl XLIV battle.

Star defensive end Dwight Freeney, who tore a ligament in his foot against the Jets in the American Football Conference Championship game, was shockingly suited up to play. Morale was high and the defense was inspired as their determined leader made his way onto the field.

Nobody could have guessed it, but in the end the Colts did not reign supreme. What happened to the Colts? What did they do wrong? I don’t think ‘they’ is the term that should be used. The loss, I truly believe, rests on the shoulders of “Mr. Reliable,” Peyton Manning.

The score was 24-17 and the Saints were leading. Peyton Manning was putting together an expected fourth quarter drive to tie up the game. “Mr. Reliable” was about to bring the game back within reach, when it happened.

Manning snapped the ball, took a quick three-step drop and then released. The ball was soaring towards Reggie Wayne. As he was about to complete his hook rout, none other than Tracy Porter jumped the rout and intercepted the ball. Seventy-four yards later the score was now 31-17, destroying any hopes the Colts had left.

If we learned anything from this game, it is that Peyton Manning is human. He is a man who proved time and time again that he can win on some big stages but, for once, he slipped.

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Nicholas Guldin

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