Who should you vote for in the 2018 midterm election?

By Brielle Toff
October 25, 2018

Federal Candidates – Senate

Louis Barletta, Republican

Barletta is pro-life and has supported a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution. He is also known to vocally defend Israel and the Jewish community. Barletta believes that law-abiding Americans do have the right to keep and bear arms, and he introduced legislation to make overstaying a visa a criminal offense. He has also pushed to exempt volunteer firefighters.

Bob Casey, Democrat.

Casey has worked to limit the spread of IED components in Afghanistan and Pakistan. He also supports renegotiating NAFTA. Casey has fought for family-friendly workplaces, to make early childhood care more affordable for low-income families. He has also supported Pell Grants, and the Perkins Loan program. Casey supported the United States participation in the Paris Climate Accord. He has also backed bills that hindered Russian and Iranian attempts to destabilize Iraq and Syria. Casey supports plans to broaden Medicaid and wants to allow Americans to buy-in to Medicare starting at age 55.

Neal Taylor Gale, Green Party.

Gale is a strong believer that a person’s reproductive rights must remain a choice, and he wants to make voter registration as accessible as possible for all citizens. If elected, he would like to push back on the privatization of the penal system nationwide, and he will support the legalization of marijuana for medical, recreational and commercial manufacturing use. Gale would like to introduce legislation to adopt the framework of the Green New Deal and he believes that the first priority of our foreign policy goal is the reduction of nuclear weapons worldwide. Gale would like to make it illegal for politicians to take money from lobbyists, and he would like to let all voters participate in open primaries. He does not want to ban guns but would like to make the controls on them more rigorous. Gale would like to allow a pathway citizenship for people from every nation. He would also like to restrict military spending as long as it raises taxes on our wealthiest citizens.

Dale R. Kerns, Libertarian.

Kerns is pro-life but does believe that each state should make the decision on whether they want to legalize abortion. He wants to fight for a system that addresses’ addiction as a medical problem, rather than a criminal problem. Kerns would like to abolish the Department of Education, but he will propose funding that allows parents to attach their tax dollars to their children which would allow students to go to whichever school district they found best. He is also choosing to vote against any tariffs or protectionist schemes. Kerns pledge to only serve one term as senator, and he refuses to accept any taxpayer-funded pension or healthcare. He believes that the issue with the second amendment is mental health, and he would oppose any and all restrictions on it. Kerns would promote for Americans the ability to purchase insurance across state lines and would allow the states more options in using their Medicaid funds through block grants. He will fight for an immigration reform that allows entry to those who wish to contribute to our economy and help their families.


Republican elephant and Democratic donkey. Image source: Flickr (CC BY 2.0) by DonkeyHotey

State Candidates – Governor

Paul Glover, Green Party.

Glover is pro-life and believes anyone in love should have the right to marry. He wants victimless defenses to be decriminalized and marijuana to be legalized. Glover also hopes to end slave labor, the drug war, racial profiling and the death penalty. He believes responsible gun ownership should not be infringed upon and that collaborations with ICE should be stopped. He says that criminalization of marijuana damages lives far more than inhalation does. Glover would also like to establish a state bank that keeps money in Pennsylvania so that the state is only lending to itself. He would like to reduce our dependence on foreign fuels and minerals through energy and efficiency. Glover believes that responsible gun ownership should not be infringed. He believes that the use of a gun is to provide food, to protect the home as well as the United States Constitution. Glover supports SB400, which projects a $17 billion saving statewide. He would like to cease collaboration with ICE. Glover also believes that we need a more progressive income tax.

Kenneth Krawchuk, Libertarian.

Krawchuk is pro-option. Krawchuk hopes to end parole for violent crimes and is very against the death penalty. He also wants the war on drugs to end and marijuana to be decriminalized, not legalized, and he is also working to reduce the drinking age. He does not support gun control laws. Krawchuck would like to eliminate the government spawned utilities. When it comes to schooling, he would like to allow parents to choose their child’s school district. Krawchuck believes that all forms of pollution should be treated as trespassing. He believes that taxes are too high.

Scott Wagner, Republican.

Wanger’s mission is to create jobs in PA and take fewer taxes from resident’s paychecks. He also hopes to eliminate property taxes. Wagner is pro-life and supports LGBTQ rights. Wagner believes the 2nd amendment is our constitutional right and should not be altered and hopes to establish a statewide medical marijuana program.

Tom Wolf, Democrat.

Wolf is the current Governor of PA. He has vetoed the most extreme anti-choice bill in the country. He has fought for the protection of those discriminated against due to sexual orientation or gender identity and has signed a bill to legalize medical marijuana. Wolf is fighting to end mass incarceration. Wolf signed Libre’s Law which increases penalties for animal cruelty in Pennsylvania. Governor Wolf has refused to take a state salary position and will continue to refuse to do so. He has saved more than 180,00 seniors from losing their Medicare Advantage health plans and has increased opportunities for more seniors to stay in their homes. Wolf has repaired and rebuilt 1,300 roads, 600 bridges, and more than 6,000 miles of roadway. Wolf fought for GOP efforts and he is fighting for the statewide minimum wage to become $12/hour. He wants to ensure Pennsylvania education systems are preparing residents for their future careers.

Brielle Toff

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  1. Kenneth Krawchuk IS a Libertarian NOT a  “Liberal”. Also the party symbols in the print edition are all mixed up.

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