What was your most memorable Halloween costume?

By John Fennell
October 27, 2006

Halloween is right around the corner, and with it comes the fun of costumes. It is the time of year where people have a chance to express themselves in whatever manner they choose.

For my first Halloween, I was a classic cartoon character. I choose Popeye and had the big forearms and a can of spinach and at the end of my night I told my father that I might even try the can of spinach I was carrying around the whole night.

Trick-or-treating can be just as much of an event for adults as it is for the children. A parent may even take an active part in the process as is the case of sophomore education major Jessica Sampson, who along with her father, was Little Red Riding Hood and her father was the Big Bad Wolf one Halloween. Spending Halloween with family for some people can turn into large events even when grown up. Senior business accounting major Courtney Storey went to a haunted house with her family. “We stood in line for two and a half hours and I didn’t really like it but my brother did and that’s fine.”

There comes a certain age when the costumes become more PG-13 and a little less G rated. Lauren Fulginitti, a freshman marketing major, one year was a playboy bunny. Or fellow freshman English major Ali Cook who once for Halloween was a sexy cop.

Then we have our gender bender trickster like junior mathematics major Paul Egleston who dressed up as a street walker complete with fishnet stockings, purple wig and thigh-high boots.

Halloween is the time of year when trick-or-treaters, big and small, hit the streets looking crazy and helping themselves to the loads of candy.

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John Fennell

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