What’s up with the Wi-Fi?

By Emily Miller
September 22, 2017


Whether you are a freshman just coming to Cabrini or an upperclassmen returning, there is no denying that there is something funky going on with the way we get our internet. Cabrini’s less than satisfactory Wi-Fi comes up very frequently around campus, especially in areas where people are typically trying to get school work done.

It can be incredibly frustrating and a ton of complaints have trickled in from aggravated students. The problem is that while Cabrini’s Wi-Fi may have a wide range, it cuts out when there are too many devices connected to one of the servers at once, the three servers being eduroam, cabrinidevices and cabriniguest.

This creates an obvious problem when dealing with a college campus full of students, as so many people are trying to do different things at all parts of the day. The past two years of Cabrini have brought in the biggest freshman classes that the school has ever known, as well as this the transition into a University.

The Wi-fi blatantly cuts out on laptops. Photo by Emily Miller

However, these changes result in a lot of traffic when it comes to resources such as Wi-Fi. So the the question is: why has Cabrini not thought ahead about this problem and what are they currently doing to fix it if anything?

When contacted and asked about the situation and what to expect in the future, Christine Lysionek, the vice president of Student Life here at Cabrini, did not respond to our contact. Until the Wi-fi issue is resolved, students continue to battle with spotty wifi.

“The Wi-Fi is very inaccessible; I cannot even FaceTime my sister who lives out of state— without the call dropping constantly,” Alexis Meehan, a current sophomore and education major, said. “It also affects my school work a lot. I will be watching a video for class and it will keep getting interrupted and I’ll have to start over. It’s just really inconvenient as a student.”

Visitor and former student Angelica Pipitone is also extremely familiar with the frequently-failing Wi-fi.

“While living on campus at Cabrini last year, I remember having to log into the Wi-Fi multiple times while trying to complete simple tasks,” Pipitone said. “Even now, as I am just visiting, I can see that nothing has improved.”

Pipitone also said, “The speed is terrible, the quality is terrible, it’s just upsetting for a University.” This testimony provides clarity to the situation at hand, if a guest can come into the school and see how badly the Wi-Fi system performs, there clearly must be an issue.

For a school that takes a lot of pride in being efficient and making lives easier, there does not seem to be a lot of effort put into making the lives of students any easier, at least when it comes to being online. So much work today is done on a computer and if a college cannot adapt properly to that, that student will not thrive.

Here’s hoping that Cabrini can embrace its new University status and live up to hype so fondly bragged about.

Emily Miller

Emily Miller | Copy/ Web Editor, Loquitur 2018

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