What would you do without your cell phone?

By Kristine Semptimphelter
January 23, 2012

Did you ever wonder what we used to do before cell phones?  I have had the unfortunate experience of losing my own cell phone this past week and I began to realize how much useless data I enter and retrieve from my cell phone every single day.
In an article in the New York Times, an estimated 90 percent of households in America have cell phones with the youngest being eight years old. Why are these 8-year-olds using these cell phones? Yes, mommy and daddy can now keep track of where their child is at all times with the use of navigational devices on their phones. But what is the cost of having your 8-year-old have a cell phone?
According to lifehacker.com the average cell phone bill for one line can cost from anywhere from $40 to $100. Americans are spending $40, for their young child to post pictures, videos and statuses on their Facebook? Shouldn’t that child be playing on the playground with their friends or studying for school? Maybe once I become a parent I will understand the importance of my child having a cell phone.
Since I have been phoneless for about a week now, do you wonder what I have been doing to actually keep in touch with my friends and family? My iPad. Another revolutionary device that will once again change the way we transport and receive information. I use my iPad for pretty much everything, besides my phone calls of course. I haven’t made a phone call in three days. If it is truly needed, I will just use my roommate’s cell phone but I just haven’t found the need. I mean, why make a phone call when I can face-to-face chat with Face Time on my iPad? I check my Facebook, update my twitter, read a few articles in the New York Times and take and upload photos. It does everything my phone can do. I’m beginning to wonder why I’m even getting a cell phone. I would save $100 less, it would be a lot harder to sneak text messages on my iPad at work then from a small hand held cell phone.
America has come a long way in communication. First we received information from the daily newspapers, then the radio and television. Then the Internet became a huge phenomenon. Now I receive information and news within minutes thanks to twitter updates. I can only wonder what my 8-year-old child will be asking for by the time I become a parent. By then will cell phones be a device from the past?

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Kristine Semptimphelter

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