What it’s like to be a Cabrini athlete

By Christina Spadavecchia
April 3, 2013

Competing in the NCAA Division III and the Colonial States Athletic Conference, Cabrini College offers 16 different varsity sports for athletes to be recruited or try out for.

The sports that Cabrini offers for men are cross-country, golf, lacrosse, soccer, swimming and tennis, with lacrosse and basketball being well-known. Many of the students are well-experienced, coming in from high school. The sports that Cabrini offers for women are, basketball, cross-country, field hockey, lacrosse, soccer, softball, volleyball, swimming and tennis.

Most students who play a sport for Cabrini enjoy it very much and put so much dedication into every second of it.

“My overall experience as a Cabrini  students athlete has been outstanding. First off, I’ve made great friends over the last four years. Another positive aspect of my experience has been playing for coach [Steve] Colfer. He has taught me so much, not just about the X’s and O’s of lacrosse, but also how to have a strong work ethic and commitment to my school work and off-the-field responsibilities,” Kevin Gallagher, senior goalkeeper on the men’s lacrosse team, said.

By playing sports you become friends with so many different people and you also become very close with them and some even stay in connect with one another that graduated.

“It was a great way to become friends with people right away my freshmen year. I also remained close with those who have even graduated,” Katie Solewin, senior forward on the field hockey team, said.

Cabrini sports are a huge time commitment, which means there is not a lot of free time.

“As a result of being a Cabrini student athlete, your free time gets reduced drastically. A typical day consists of class, practice, lifting and homework leaves very little free time though out the day and night,” Gallagher said. Some days, the life of an athlete is a challenge.

“Because of games I missed out on some activitieswith other friends that were not on the team, but in all, I am so glad that I decided to play field hockey,” Solewin said.

Another perk of being an athlete is that students get to travel to different places. This is a great way for the teams to be able to bond and become closer to one another.

“I’ve had the unique opportunity to travel to different parts of the country which has been another positive aspect of my experience as a Cabrini student athlete,” Gallagher said.

All student athletes will have many memories to share after they graduate from the College. They will always remember how much hard work that they dedicated, the people they have met, the hard times they went through and also the fun they had.

“Being able to compete at the highest level of Division III lacrosse as a Cabrini student athlete has been a truly rewarding experience that I know will serve me well after I graduate,” Gallagher said.

Christina Spadavecchia

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