What is Out of Order on campus?

By Anthony Sestito
November 29, 2012

Tucked away in a corner of Grace Hall, you will find Cabrini’s theater fanatics practicing lines and skits. The Cabrini theater program has been active for a long time. The theater itself has undergone many changes in the past. The small room in Grace Hall was originally a hang out spot for students to get together and play music, do improvisation skits, or just hang out with friends.The theater began thanks to Dr. Thomas “Doc’ Strentton, an assistant education professor.

Every year the Cabrini theater students puts on two shows for all to enjoy. This semester’s play was “Out of Order.” The show “Out of Order” takes place in a hotel room of the Westminster Hotel in London. It follows the character Richard Willey who is a well known politician that is having an affair with his opposing side’s secretary. Everything seems to be going as planned until they discover a “dead” body hidden behind their curtains, caught under the window. In this show, the window was not only a prop but also a character with flawless timing. Once more characters got involved in the situation the more confusion, situational and physical comedy began. The show was performed for eight nights, Nov. 8-18th.

Junior Alex Saboe has participated in three shows here at Cabrini and says that it is the best time she has had on campus.

“I’ve played a young Eva Geiringer-Schloss in my first play “The World of Anne Frank.” My second play I preformed in was “Working” I am looking forward to Audition for next semesters play, “Avenue Q,” Saboe said.

Keep an eye out for next semester’s performance, and see what is on Avenue Q.

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Anthony Sestito

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