What if Romney?

By Brooke Famous
October 30, 2012

With the election drawing closer and closer, many of us are still making that last-minute decision of whom we want to vote for to become our next President.

What if Mitt Romney won the Presidential Election? How would my life change?

Governor Mitt Romney has some good plans on creating a stronger middle class by making a five-part proposal to turn around the economy and delivering more jobs and take-home pay for American families. Romney’s plans seek to reduce taxes, spending, regulation, and government programs. He also wants to increase trade, energy production, human capital and labor flexibility.

Hearing about all of those makes me believe that he will do something very positive for the economy and the “middle class,” but you cannot forget about some of the things he has said that does not support the choice of women when it comes to abortion and birth control.

Now for women, it is her choice whether or not you want to use birth control and have an abortion. With Mitt Romney, he is pro-life, but he plans on stopping federal aid to Planned Parenthood.

For myself, it will be an excellent change if Romney is true to his word by creating a stronger middle class, creating more jobs and most importantly reducing taxes. As a working college student, it is a good thing to hear that taxes could possibly get reduced if Romney comes into office. But on the other hand, hearing that he is against abortion is something I do not necessarily like as a women.

Romney is also against same-sex marriage, which may not help him win the election in four years if he becomes president. As for myself, having a sister who is gay, it does not help knowing that it is a possibility that Romney may retract some of the laws allowing same-sex marriage in certain states. I feel as though it should not matter who you are in love with or attracted to when it comes to marriage.

Now for the current health care, which is ObamaCare, we have until we are 26 years old until we have to get off of our parents’ health care. Now if Romney wins this election, ObamaCare will be no more and we will have to find our own. For myself, I know that I probably would not be able to afford the best health care unless it was through my work.

From everything I just stated, I think my life would be pretty much the same as it has always been if Governor Romney became president. The only things that could become different would be taxes, abortion policies, and ObamaCare.


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Brooke Famous

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