What I wish I did as a Freshman

By Kelly Hannan
September 3, 2010

Kelly Hannan

As a current senior at Cabrini College, looking back on the last three years I have spent here, time has only made me realize what I have missed out on.  I think about the clubs I did not join, what activities I did not get involved in, what classes I should have taken and why I waited for my mom outside Xavier Hall almost every Friday with my hamper of dirty laundry?

With more than 50 student clubs and organizations offered on campus, the one that has always caught my eye has been the Campus Activities and Programming Board.

CAP Board’s main purpose on campus is to unite the student body by offering a tremendous amount of opportunities for students to become involved.

The board hosts a variety of events to get students involved. One of their greatest purposes is to get students to stay on campus during the weekends.  They offer affordable college-priced tickets to Wayne’s Movie Theatre as well as Fast track into Philly tickets.

The activities are not just held on the weekends but also during the week.  Bingo, Cabrini Dances and Phillies tickets are a few of the options you can choose.

When you purchase tickets for any of these events, you do so in the Center for Student Engagement and Leadership, (SEaL).  The SEaL office is located on the first floor of the Widener Center right behind Jazzman’s Café.  I of course was not aware of this until at least my sophomore year.  It’s an office I wish I had visited in the past.

I would have enjoyed my freshman year as a college student a heck of a lot more if I participated in at least two of the activities. I should have taken advantage of a fast track to Philly pass which is sold at the very low price of $2.

One of the first on campus events of the season, Hypnotic Intoxication, mixed fun and education. --Amber Lajeunesse / Submitted Photo

Habitat for Humanity is another example of an extraordinary organization on this campus.  It is an incredible way to get involved in the community and help out those less fortunate than you.  I know I would not only of gained experience for my resume but had a more open outlook on life itself.

Marketing was the major I declared my freshman year. Had I only known my interest was going to be in the field of communication, I would have enrolled in classes such as radio, video production, journalism and a few others.

Instead, I was taking classes to try and make a dent in my required core curriculum.

As a freshman, not showing my interests towards the communication department, I had no knowledge of how magnificent the communication program really was.

I wish when I was a freshman I was more mature and took the initiative to educate myself on what my college had to offer and did not focus my attention on my aunt. She is a pharmaceutical sales rep with a with a bachelor of science degree in marketing who makes a lot of money.

I knew she had a great job with a beneficial salary, so I decided I would try and follow in her footsteps by majoring in the same field as she did.

Follow your instincts, get involved and do not let your roommates, friends or significant others play a part in your future. Make the most of your four years at college.

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Kelly Hannan

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