What gear the Cabrini sports teams are wearing

By Ty Daubert
October 24, 2019

As the phrase goes, “you have to look good to play good,” and that is exactly what the Cavalier athletics teams are attempting to do.

Each team has a select amount of uniforms and gear to distribute to its players. This apparel and gear helps the members of each individual team feel good about their team and represent it well.

Jake Goss, sophomore men’s lacrosse player and business management major, described what gear his team receives for each season. The men’s lacrosse team is issued gloves, helmets, full sticks and elbow pads as their gear set. The sport of lacrosse requires a bit more protective equipment than most sports, so the lacrosse team does get more than some of the others in that regard.

Jake Goss playing in his team-issued gear. Photo by Grace Fox.

The men’s lacrosse team is also given three sets of uniforms in gray, blue and black, practice sweatpants and shorts, practice jerseys and warm-up shirts.

Goss described the black lacrosse uniforms as his favorite style but did note that they were not always easy to play in.

“The look of the black one is the best,” Goss said. “But they’re really heavy. They’re our oldest jerseys so they have a thick material. It’s hard to play with in the heat. Our hottest game last year we wore the black jerseys and it was brutal. I’d still probably say they’re the best looking ones.”

The women’s golf team is issued three polos in blue, white and gray, according to sophomore golfer and business management major Vic Monterosso. The golfers are also given two skirts, one pair of long black pants, black rain gear and a blue quarter-zip.

Vic Monterosso golfing in her team-issued uniform. Photo by Cabrini Athletics.

In addition to these uniforms, the golfers get a Cabrini golf bag. They have the option of paying to have their name embroidered onto the bag and keeping it, or they can leave it blank and give it back after their golf career is complete.

Monterosso said she thought the team gets more gear and uniforms compared to some of the other schools that they compete against, making them always match and better-looking as a team.

“I think we look pretty cohesive and uniform,” she said, “which is what we should look like.”

Sophomore men’s tennis player and biology pre-dental major Mason Bennetch said that his team receives two uniform shirts in blue and black, warm-up jackets, warm-up pants and some t-shirts on occasion. The tennis team has to go out and purchase their own rackets, which seems to differ from some of the gear the lacrosse team receives.

Bennetch acknowledged the possible disparity in gear that the tennis team is issued, but seemed to understand why.

“I would say we probably get less gear,” he said. “But at the same time, we don’t need as much gear for tennis because we’re not a contact sport and don’t need the protective gear that other teams do.”


Ty Daubert

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