Well-rounded education leaves no fun in major

By Jake Verterano
April 3, 2008

It’s scheduling time again.

You know what that means, getting up at the crack of dawn, yelling at your computer, and most importantly, making sure you sign up for the right classes.

I feel like I’m so behind on my requirements to graduate. I then realized, I’m really not, I just have way too many requirements.

I feel Cabrini expects us to do a lot to receive that diploma.

First off, we are required to perform community service in order to graduate. I thought we were supposed to concentrate on our academics in college?

Don’t get me wrong, helping people is great and everything, but forcing people to do it kind of takes away from it. People should want to help others out of the kindness of their own heart, not because they are being forced to.

I’m also not a fan of the fact that we have to take so many required courses. Didn’t we get our fill of math and science in high school?

I don’t mind history that much, but math is just a waste of time. I know, we’re always going to need it or something like that. I highly doubt I’m going to need math besides multiplication, addition, subtraction or division in my lifetime.

Alright, maybe a rare occurrence will come up where I need to know so geometric formula. In this situation, I simply call a friend of mine who likes math.

Science has always been my favorite class, well, my favorite class to practice my doodling skills in. I just think all of it is a little boring.

I understand Cabrini wants us to leave here having been fully educated and getting ready to go out and serve the world. Wouldn’t we serve the world better by taking classes in our major?

Think about it, we should get as many classes that go with our major in as possible. Employers will be so impressed when they see how many we have taken and how well we have done with them.

Adding unimportant classes we will never use again just takes away less time for us to study for our major classes and allows us to take fewer classes for our major.

Sounds like a waste of time if you ask me.

So when I was finalizing my schedule I sighed as I reluctantly put down my Intro to Italian course, as well as my Ecology course. When will this endless list of required classes end?

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Jake Verterano

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