‘Wellness 101’: Ways for busy college students to stay healthy this semester

By Staff Writer
September 20, 2007

Staying well can sometimes be a tall order, especially for busy college students. Yet, it is vital to your success in the always-hectic setting, so here are some way students and everyone can keep themselves healthy in this week’s Health Nut topic, “Wellness 101.”

Those wanting to stay healthy should exercise at least three times a week, doing exercises you enjoy; eat a balanced mix of healthy foods and remembering to make smart choices about alcohol and other drugs; spend your time wisely and try not to procrastinate; renew your spirit in ways that feel right, whether it is out in nature, in a place of worship or being with family and friends and lastly, finishing the night off right with a healthy sleep that should become a regular pattern.

If these tips may not work for you or you are having difficulty with a certain class or simply need some guidance, getting help is the smart thing to do. One of the great things about being at school is that many different kinds of help are right at your fingertips.

To come in contact with the Counseling Center call, 610-902-8561, for Student Health Services call 610-902-8531, for Health and Wellness Education call 610-902-8316 or for The Center for Teaching and Learning call 610-902-8213.

In addition, there are many health information Web sites that may be a valuable resource such as mdchoice.edu, acha.org, familydoctor.org, Ulifeline.org and Goaskalice.columbia.edu.

The Health Nut topic “Wellness 101” is a courtesy of Susan Fitzgerald of Health Services.

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Staff Writer

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