We need to give a big “thank you” to our parents

By Kate Muska
November 11, 2015

We learn a lot in our lives. We learn math and science and history. We take dance classes, read books and train with coaches. Our teachers hand out gold stars that turn into letter grades as we grow up. We give speeches at graduation or honors ceremonies praising our teachers for getting us this far.

The real heroes, though, are the ones behind the scene. I call them Mom and Dad. To you, it may be grandmom or grandpa, uncle or aunt—maybe even a big brother or sister. Parents can come in all shapes and forms, but one thing they all have in common is that they deserve a tremendous “thank you” for teaching us all the things that no school ever could. Mom, Dad—this one is for you.

For all the sick days—legitamate or faked—thank you for being the ones to set us up in front of the TV with soup and Gatorade. You taught us how to take care of ourselves, whether it was a headache or a stomach bug.

For all the late-night study sessions—thank you for the help and encouragement. A school can teach you the facts, but only a parent can save you from stress. I do not know what I would have done without learning the necessities of an all-nighter, including caffeine, snacks and taking time for breaks.

For all the times I came home in tears—thank you for being my shoulders to cry on. You taught me the kind of strength and self-confidence I could and never will learn from a textbook. Boys will come and go, friends will break our trust and grades will fade into the rest of the years behind us, but you will always be there.

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Thank you for teaching me the basics. I would not know how to write a check or how to curl my hair if you had not taught me, Mom. I would be lost when it came to paying my school bills, and I certainly would not have bought a car if not for your credit, Dad.

Thank you for raising me right. Thank you for teaching me that family and God come above all things. Thank you for teaching me about love and laughter and music. Thank you for showing me patience and kindness and how to be a person someone can count on. Thank you for enduring through the rough times—not just because you had to, but because you wanted to—because we all know I have not made it easy on you.

And finally, thank you that even though I am 21 years old and out of the house at college, you always make sure I know I can come back home.

Parents, thank you for teaching us the things that college simply cannot teach. We owe it all to you.

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Kate Muska

A sophomore communications major with a minor in English, Katie is very dedicated to her writing. Katie is an assistant editor to the Lifestyles section of the Loquitur and is looking to go into the field of publishing.

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