Ways to enhance your social media presence while in college

By Staff Writer
March 7, 2019

It strikes people as uncommon when they meet someone who does not have social media. Presence of some kind on outlets such as WordPress, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are often times your first impression when introducing individuals.

It is easy to feel frustrated, let down and simply unqualified when comparing your social media to that of others. It is also easy for students to put off achieving the social media presence of their dreams, simply because they feel that they cannot achieve it while attending college.

The best-kept secret…

Often times, when individuals find something that works for them, they want to keep it a secret from their friends, in fear that they too will utilize it. Why? It appears that there is an unspoken competition regarding blogs and social media posts as a whole. What is the secret to creating a successful social media presence?

Authenticity is key to a successful social media platform. Attracting followers that support your passions are worth their weight in gold.

Be honest, engaging and authentically you.

All too often, individuals on social media become obsessed with the thought of thousands of people following them. However, if you follow and interact with your followers, you are separating yourself from the habits of the majority. Next time someone comments on your post something that you really like, try engaging with them instead of simply ignoring their comment and basking in it.

Avoid using fraudulent hashtags

When utilizing hashtags, be honest with what your post is actually about. Avoid using #promoforpromo or #followforfollow, as you may increase your number of followers temporarily, but it will not last longer than a few days, even a few hours. Additionally, the people you are attracting are not going to be loyal and intrigued followers. When you utilize honest hashtags, you are engaging and interacting with the appropriate people. This will allow you to grow your platform genuinely and steady.

Personal blogs should be honest, genuine and a reflection of your passions.

Get personal!

Social media outlets such as Instagram and Snapchat have evolved to primarily showcase the highlights of individuals lives, which ultimately provides a utopian persona. This can be extremely hard for potential followers to connect with, as this could be the polar opposite of how they feel their life is going. Additionally, it is simply not the truth. Everyone has a different walk of life and a different experience of the world. It is easier for potential followers to support honest pages and sites. Often times, potential followers will reach out in addition to following. In creating personal platforms you allow yourself to share relatable and useful content to likeminded individuals.

Spice up your bio!

Instead of utilizing the same bio and description for months or even years on end, spice it up! Next, to your username and your picture, your bio is what will grab viewers attention. Refrain from including an incredibly long list of achievements that may drive away followers. Rather, something witty, empowering or cheesy might be your better option.

Encourage your already existing followers to follow your other outlets. 

Once you have your page filled with loyal and genuine followers, make them aware of your other social media platforms. Often times, when you gain followers on one platform, the same people will want to view your content on other platforms.

Stop committing half of your effort to your captions!

If you are giving 100 percent to your post, you should be just as committed to your caption! Utilizing storytelling in your captions helps to bring your post to life. Additionally, well thought out captions drive user engagement. It is easier for potential followers to engage in a post that has a caption that is compelling. Avoid captioning your authentic content with song lyrics and solely emojis. When utilizing either of these elements, you are creating content that is hard for users to engage with or comment on.

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Staff Writer

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