Wawa vs. Sheetz: some consumers feel they just ‘gotta hava Wawa’

By Jessica Hagerty
April 26, 2007

Meghan Hurley

Like their commercials say, “Gotta hava Wawa.”

With built-to-order hoagies (and yes, they are hoagies), freshly brewed coffee, sizzling-hot breakfast sandwiches and ready-to-go salads, Wawa is practically a mecca for people on the go or for lazy college students.

I’m sure mostly everyone at Cabrini appreciates that Wawa is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It’s perfect and price efficient for that late night craving after a long night out with your friends. I would love to know someone who disagreed.

Wawa’s headquarters are located not far from Cabrini in a small town called Wawa, Pa. Now how cool is that? It has been around since 1902, almost twice as long as Sheetz. So, obviously they’re doing something right.

The built-to-order hoagies are absolutely phenomenal.

It’s almost overwhelming when you step up to the order screen because there are so many combinations and choices.

Wawa’s hoagies are great because you don’t have to order from a menu in which you have to ask them to leave the tomato off. At Wawa, you choose exactly what is put on your hoagie. Who could ask for more?

Wawa is also proud to serve their award-winning freshly brewed coffee in which they have sold over 125 million cups per year.

I prefer Wawa’s coffee over Starbucks for a few reasons. For one, it’s 10 times quicker to grab your coffee and get out the door, rather than waiting in a line. Also, it just tastes better. And lastly, it’s just so much cheaper.

Perfect for the morning rush, Wawa offers a special: A 16 ounce coffee and a sizzling hot breakfast sandwich for only $2.99. Now that means any kind of 16 ounce coffee and any kind of breakfast sandwich. Wow.

Wawa has food to suit any person. Aside from the hoagies, coffee and breakfast sandwiches, they also offer a wide variety of frozen foods such as ice cream and microwave dinners.

They have hard-boiled eggs to soft pretzels, and cheese and crackers to yogurt. Wawa’s soups, salads and sides (such as macaroni and cheese and mashed potatoes) are also a big hit among the crowd.

Not to mention Wawa’s brand juices and teas in which you can get in many different sizes for a low price. Green tea, lemonade, iced tea or raspberry tea – it doesn’t matter, they’re all equally thirst quenching and delicious.

Also for purchase in Wawa stores are candy, chips, pretzels, pain relievers, gum, milk and snack foods. The variety is great.

Wawa also has an ongoing commitment to the communities where they do business with their charity and grant programs.

According to wawa.com, “The goal of the Wawa Charities Program is to positively impact our communities by supporting programs and organizations that address issues our associates feel are most important.”

Not only does Wawa have great food and beverages, but they work to serve the community as best as they can. Wawa gets my vote over Sheetz any day.

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Jessica Hagerty

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