Water bottles cause wrinkles?

By Sami Godowsky
September 18, 2008

Shannon Keough

As if women need anything more to worry about when it comes to their looks, now we have to be cautious of drinking out of water bottles because they could potentially cause wrinkles?

“People who drink from water bottles with either sport or straw tops or nozzles, consistently, all day long, for about two years, will start to develop noticeable smoker’s lips,” said Dermatologist Marilyn Berzin of Washington D.C. said to NBC News.

Berzin said that she is having clients as early as in their 30s showing signs of wrinkles caused by water bottles.

So is this fact or fiction? There is no definite conclusion to this assumption but I’m saying total fiction!

The way you drink from a water bottle can not compare to smoking a cigarette because when you smoke a cigarette you hold your lips way tighter than you hold onto a water bottle.

I think to see substantially noticeable wrinkles from drinking water bottles you would have to drink them constantly over a very long period of time, which is unhealthy for other reasons.

Water bottles are much more convenient, so to stop drinking from them would not be easy. You can buy water bottles in bulk, take them anywhere you go, except they fit anywhere and they are inexpensive. They are also much easier to use during sports events than cups.

Also with water bottles you don’t waste as much water if you don’t finish the bottle, you can put the cap back on and drink it later. You cannot do that with just an ordinary cup! Now many water bottles are eco- friendly and use less plastic so it is better for our environment.

So should you stop drinking from water bottles?

No way! As a college student always being busy it’s easy to just grab a water bottle when you go to class, work, or the gym. Is it really worth it to give up drinking water bottle because it may someday cause a little wrinkling?

I think it is ironic that Berzin states that these “smokers’ wrinkles” can be erased by cosmetic wrinkle procedures, which Berzin specializes in.

So do water bottles really cause wrinkles, or is this just a scam to get people to invest in cosmetic procedures?

Believe what you want but I’m not changing my habits of drinking from water bottles. I’d rather one day blame my wrinkles on too much sun exposure.

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Sami Godowsky

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