Watches become just a fashion statement

By Staff Writer
October 13, 2006

Watches fall short to the cell phones, Palm PDAs, and Blackberries on the college student’s “must have” list. During the `90s, when someone asked the time, the first reaction was to roll up a sleeve. Today, fidiling around for a cell phone seems like the natural thing to do when asked the same question.

“I don’t use a watch because I have a cell phone. I had one in middle school though. It was just a regular sports watch,” Brendan Murtagh, a junior said. “I guess I just forgot about it after a while.” It seems that students got into the habit of overlooking their watch before they run out of the door in the morning but manage to run back to get their cell that they left on the charger the night before.

Sophomore elementary education major, Kaitlyn Fetterman doesn’t even remember the last time she wore a watch. “It was in middle school or elementary school,” Fetterman said. ” I think it was silver and blue and probably a gift from someone.”

While watches aren’t the most popular birthday gifts today but they are still great fashion accessories for both females and males. Fossil is a popular brand among young adults. The company carries watches that are both reasonable in price and attractive to the eye, unlike Tiffany’s, which carries watches at prices around $5,000. Granted their selection of wristwatches consists of 18k white gold and some that are “iced out” in diamonds but the average college student can’t afford to live like a celebrity.

What many college students don’t know however is that wearing a watch on your wrist can be helpful, and not just for telling the time. Wearing a watch is on the list of the top things to wear at an interview. It shows the employer that the interviewee is punctual, or at least provides the illusion.

Lauren Mattioni, a sophomore social work major, agrees that wearing a watch has become an indication of professionalism. “I think that you see watches on more people in the ‘working world’ because it does add to the professional look,” Mattioni said, ” I know that I have one silver watch that I only wear when I go out somewhere and want to look a little nicer.”

But watches haven’t been completely written off by all college students as just nice pieces of jewelry. Amanda Murphy, a senior business major, said, ” I don’t normally wear jewelry but when I do it’s usually a watch. I have a few watches actually, and I even have a favorite one–it’s plaid, nothing fancy. I wear one because I like to know what time it is, and I can’t always depend on my cell phone and its battery.”

Although the style and purpose of a watch differs from one person to another, time is told in the same way. It would be wrong to say that watches are a thing of the past when they’re very much present in today’s society for fun or function

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Staff Writer

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