Video of Cabrini soccer player Jared Irwin’s goal goes viral

By Coraline Pettine
September 27, 2016

Photo by Coraline Pettine

Jared Irwin made his Fox Sports debut when it featured his game-winning, bicycle-kick goal against DeSales on the website and Fox Soccer Twitter on Sept. 9.

Fox Sports anchor Rachel Bonnet described Irwin’s game-winner as a stylish “beaut,” adding it was “a hell of a bike.”

To see his goal featured on Fox Sports click here

“It was crazy,” Irwin said. “You don’t expect to see yourself on there with professional athletes.”

Jared was impressed, scrolling through the page and seeing himself among all the famous athletes on a Twitter page that has more than 700,000 followers. The experience was surreal.

Jared admitted that when the game was happening he wasn’t going for showmanship; he ultimately felt that the bicycle kick was the best possible way to score.

“It was kind of an in the moment thing,” Irwin said. “You can’t run set plays in soccer. I played to [A.J.] Bishop and I instantly went in the box to fill it.”

The play all started when senior A.J. Bishop passed the ball to sophomore Diego Ramirez who then set up Irwin’s goal in the middle of the 18-yard box with just 10 minutes left in the game.

“It was the only way I could get on the end of it. It was a last ditch effort; any other way would have missed,” Irwin said

Jared Irwin has been playing soccer since he was five years old. His mother was the coach in his hometown, so playing soccer was a given. “It was just something to do.” Irwin said.

Throughout his life, he’s tried a variety of sports, including basketball, hockey, tennis and track. He never liked any as much as soccer. “I liked soccer because of the team camaraderie,” Irwin said.

He also enjoyed meeting new friends, traveling to different places and playing different competitions.

While being on Fox Sports is his proudest achievement yet, Irwin has made many accomplishments through his sports career. As a senior at Wildwood High School, he broke the school’s and his coach’s record for the most goals made with 46 career goals. Last fall he was named both CSAC Player of the Week and Cabrini Student-Athlete of the Week.

In Sept. of 2015, Irwin scored his first Cabrini career goal at home versus DeSales. Irwin expressed that when he plays DeSales he tends to get lucky breaks.

“Last year as a freshmen it was my first goal in college. Hopefully, it’s not my only goal this year but it was a good way to jump start the season,” Irwin said.

As for himself, his goal is to make an all conference team and just see where things take him. But other than that, he just hopes to keep helping the team in any way possible.

He also aims to start in every game this year, just like he did last year, except for one he has to miss for his sister’s wedding.

Coraline Pettine

Writing Managing Editor for Loquitur Media.

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