Valentine’s Day: ‘A materialistic holiday’

By Nick Pitts
February 14, 2008

In case anyone ever wondered why Valentine’s Day exists, the government simply couldn’t think of a good enough holiday to fill the void between New Year’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day. Valentine’s Day as we know it, was born.

Alright, so really, this non-federal holiday has origins that date back as early as 200 A.D. The popular consensus seems to be that the day was instated by the churches in honor of the Roman, St. Valentine, who defied the emperor Claudius II by secretly marrying the soldiers of the city, against the emperor’s wishes.

I, however, think it goes much deeper than that. I think it is a conspiracy.

See, that special tactics force solely responsible for keeping the economy intact, decided that the country needed to give the people a reason to spend their money in the dead of winter.

Maybe Hallmark was doing badly at the time, or perhaps Mr. Milton Hershey saw his sales drop between January and March.

We are now stuck with the lamest, most useless holiday of all.

I suppose Valentine’s Day isn’t absolutely horrible for a loving couple, since they do have someone to spend the day with, but what about those poor souls who don’t have that luxury?

Aren’t holidays supposed to include everyone? Valentine’s Day, you are such a fraud holiday.

Put yourself into the shoes of someone who is currently single, without any specific love interest, or, if that is you reading, than I feel truly sorry for you. No one should have to be subjected to all of the advertisements and TV commercials reminding the world to prepare for Valentine’s Day when you have no one to celebrate it with. What a terrible feeling.

But for those of you who do have significant others, this is one of those days of the year where you have to dish out some money. Even the television is littered with commercials proclaiming things such as “Your girlfriend is definitely expecting you to buy her a brand new expensive car for Valentine’s Day. With a big bow on it. What are you waiting for!?”

That does not inspire me to go out and spend tons of money. It just makes me look bad if someone else does it and I don’t.

The same thing goes for all of the flashy jewelry advertisements. Jewelry is for proposals, weddings and anniversaries. Not for some random day in February.

Oh man, that is one thing that burns me up about this holiday. It is never about what you did for your significant other, but what you didn’t do.

Sometimes it’s even, “Well, Johnny bought Sally a diamond ring, and all you got me was this card and those flowers.”

By the way, those heart-shaped candy things with the words on it taste terrible. And now that I think about it, the words are so poorly printed that you can barely read them anyway.

When it comes down to it, my point is this: Valentine’s Day may have had a special meaning at one point in time, but I can guarantee that no one knows the history behind it anymore. It has evolved into a materialistic holiday just like the others.

Please do not go out and conform to this holiday. Don’t wait for a pathetic holiday to go do nice for your significant other.

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Nick Pitts

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