Nothing really special about Valentine’s Day

By Olivia Torrence
February 17, 2011

Valentine’s Day, barf. PDA (public display of affection), barf. Someone remind me the reason for Valentine’s Day again? Love.

Oh, that’s right, to remind your significant other how much you love them and how much they mean to you? It really takes a holiday to tell someone that, I forgot. Can anyone else believe that there is really a holiday dedicated to hearts, romance, chocolate (which I don’t mind), roses, cupid and jewelry? It is every girl’s “dream holiday.” Well, not mine.

Right about now you’re thinking this is one cold-hearted, single girl. That’s where you’re wrong. I currently have a boyfriend and I’m really not a cold-hearted person. Valentine’s Day has just always been my least favorite holiday. No offense to Saint Valentine.

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love chocolate. I lose all jewelry, flowers are nice and pretty until they wilt away, and hearts are cute. What is the point in all of these things?

Why should someone have to buy you chocolate, flowers and jewelry to say “I love you?” Shouldn’t this be something that happens on a regular basis, considering you are in a relationship with them?

Now the next question that arises for me is what do you buy the guy on Valentine’s Day? The guy doesn’t want chocolate and definitely doesn’t want flowers or jewelry. A card, maybe? That seems fair, you spend five dollars, he spends over a hundred.

Now this is what most girls need to know they are loved by their significant other, which is actually pretty dumb.

What did I do on Valentine’s Day? I went to dinner, gave and received a card and got my favorite piece of chocolate. So this means that my boyfriend that doesn’t love me because he didn’t serenade me and buy me a ring or a heart-shaped necklace.

In my opinion the guy should buy you dinner randomly whenever he feels like it, or maybe buy you a necklace on a day when he actually means it. Not just on Valentine’s Day because he “has” too or it’s the right thing to do. That’s just my opinion though.

Many girls will argue this because they love Valentine’s Day and that’s fine. The thought that you’re with a guy and he loves you and wants to wine and dine you is completely acceptable. Especially considering the slim pickings of guys these days.

After reading this article, I know you’re all thinking “what a bitch,” but I’m really not. I just am really confused as to why this holiday is so big and means so much to our society. I’d actually like to hear feedback on why you like Valentine’s Day. Maybe you can get me to change my mind!

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Olivia Torrence

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