Updated menu at Jazzman’s pleases students

By Daina Havens
September 30, 2005

Jazzman’s and the cafeteria welcomed students back from vacation with a fresh and energetic campus dining experience. Technicolor walls brighten the cafeteria, while menu changes add some pizzazz to dining with friends and faculty. Still more exciting future menu choices are just around the corner.

Linda Roscioli, dining services office manager, said that these alterations were a vision of the company itself, and that menu choices, prices, and even the innovative colors of the cafeteria walls are all changes made by the hands of the hired dining service company. “We have menus to follow and recipes to follow,” Roscioli said. She also added that these changes were inspired by a more modern feel that would unify both campus eateries.

There will always be concerned critics, and their opinions may offer a good reason for change. An anonymous student had some grounds for disagreement about the new changes. “The food here is not healthy,” the student said. This opinion of a lack of nutrition awareness in the menu, along with this student’s lack of faith in the efficiency of dining services, serves as a reminder that there is always room for improvement.

Critics also added that the lines move too slowly, there is not enough menu diversity, the prices are too high, and that there is even ex-lax in the food! However, change can always be for the better. Even the critics may be satisfied by the adjustments that are yet to come.

Heidi Huffnagle, manager of Jazzman’s Caf

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Daina Havens

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