Undiscovered Talent: future teacher wants to bring music to education

By Lia Ferrante
April 22, 2012

When you walk around Cabrini College’s campus, people sometimes believe that they know everything about everyone since the college is so small. People have the misconception that what students major in is the only aspect about them. Believe or not, there are many people with hidden talents that only a few people know about. Walking around Carbini’s campus it is hard to believe that more people don’t show off their hidden talents. For instance, Alyssa Grenyer, sophomore education major, is one of them. Grenyer is a great singer but loves working with children in the classroom. She brings music into education and she enjoys spreading music to her students.

“Honestly, I started singing once I could talk; I would perform for all the people in the hostpital where my grandfather was located and I have been singing ever since,” Grenyer said.

Grenyer is a sophomore who is 19 years old and lives in Perkasie, Pa. “I chose education as my major because I love working with children and I would love to bring music back into classrooms. I decided to choose education as my major instead of singing because it was a safe career. The music business is a really hard business to get into,” Grenyer said.

Grenyer has performed in many Cabrini events such as Cabrini’s Got Talent and the Mr. and Mrs. Cabrini pageant. She is always involved in the talent competitions here on campus. She loves singing for her family and friends to hear her. “I have been in over 20 talent shows, five idol competitions, auditioned for American Idol and The Voice. The experience of auditioning is different every time. Going into each audition I tell myself that no matter the outcome to never stop trying,” Grenyer said.

She feels good whenever she has the opportunity to go up on stage and share with her friends and family her passion for singing. She lights up the stage with her positive attitude. She sings songs that she loves and puts her own twist in it. “I love to sing because it makes not only me happy but others happy as well. I also love the feeling of excitement I get every time I step out onto a stage to perform,” Grenyer said.

She isn’t afraid to display her talent to the Cabrini community or anyone else. She loves what she does and wants her career to focus around helping children with music involved. Music makes herself and her family and friends happy. Grenyer always makes sure her music and singing career makes everyone who surrounds her happy, and it does.

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Lia Ferrante

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