Underestimated and planning to turn heads

By Kasey Minnick
April 3, 2008

cabrini athletic department

“This could be one of the best years in Cabrini golf history,” Tim Harner, a history and secondary major, said.

Harner, the golf team captain this season, has not always had his heart set on the game of golf. Ever since he was a child he was in love with baseball, until the age of 14. At this age, his father took the chance putting a golf club in his hand and he didn’t look back since.

“In high school, I was determined to do well, mainly because no one thought I could. Harner did just that as he took away the honor of “Unsung Hero” his freshman year and Most Valuable Player recognitions his sophomore, junior and senior years at Williams Valley High School in Pennsylvania. The most memorable moment that Harner had though was when he made it to the District Championships, the second person in his high school’s history to complete this feat.

Last season for Cabrini’s golf team, Harner said, “It was kind of an up and down year. We did not have much depth so it was hard for us to do as well as we would have liked.” The team finished 5th last year so it was exciting when they were projected to finish third in the Pennsylvania Athletic Conference Championships this season.

Harner believes they may even be underestimated being placed at this third position because no one knows they have gained two solid golfers freshman Mike Ryan and transfer sophomore from Iona University, Brian Walsh.

“Ryan is a very solid player that knows how to play the game. He hits the ball far and is an important piece to us having a great season. And on the other hand, Walsh could have one of the nicest and smoothest swings I have ever seen.”

So far this season, Cabrini has had only one match and earned second place out of six teams and this week brings even more competition, especially Neumann College, which was picked to take the PAC Championships.

Harner not only realized that this team is going to have their “off days, but he can as well. “Playing golf has taught me many things. One day you could be the greatest player and then the next you would be the worst. I would live and die by how I played that day. Now that I know that golf is not the only important thing in life, I live by this one quote: ‘Everything is perfect in the end and if it is not perfect now, then it is not the end.'”

Kasey Minnick

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