Tyler Johnston taking a chance as a Cavalier

By Ariel Melendez
April 2, 2014

For Tyler, playing lacrosse wasn’t always what he enjoyed doing. In fact, he didn’t start playing lacrosse until he was in fifth grade.

“I was a baseball player growing up until fifth grade. It got too boring for me so I starting playing lacrosse.” Ridley Elementary School is where his lacrosse career began and it brought him to where he is now.

Tyler Johnston is a junior on the men’s lacrosse team at Cabrini. He wears number 20 for the Cavs and plays on offense. Before this year, Tyler wasn’t even attending school. He got a call from assistant coach Stephen Hill asking him if he wanted to come out and play.

If he wasn’t playing lacrosse, Johnston would see himself working. Before he got the call from Coach Hill, Tyler didn’t even think he’d come back to school. But he could not pass up the opportunity to be a Cavalier. Still having years of eligibility left, the answer was a no-brainer.

“It all worked out, he got me here in the fall. And I’m excited to play.” Anyone would have seen Tyler play knows how good of a lacrosse player he is. So far in his career, he has 21 goals and 14 assists. But he never lets that get to his head. He is more of a player that will compliment how his team played more then himself.

 The lacrosse team is off a hot start. Their 7-0 record is the best the team has had in franchise history.

“The whole team is playing well. From the goalie, to the defense, to the faceoff, to the offense. Everyone, every game is just coming together, getting better each game.”

A business major here at Cabrini, Tyler is interesting in taking the degree he will earn and entering the world of finance and accounting. He isn’t too sure what he wants to do in that field, but business is something that he is passionate about.

A family man, Tyler has a brother and two sisters, all of which are younger than him. Being the big brother, Tyler knows exactly how to handle them.

“There’s always an advantage of being that big brother. Pretty much bully them any time you want.” Saying this in a joking tone, Tyler then went on to show the kind of big brother he really was. “I try to be the best role model I can be to the little ones.”

It is easy to see the kind of person that Tyler is. He described himself as an honest, humble and hardworking person. He is the type of person that tends to keep his head down and focus on the task he has at hand. It stems from, in his words, the best piece of advice that someone had ever given him.

“Work hard and stay humble. I mean that’s pretty much what you gotta wake up everyday to do.”

Favorite Color: Light Blue
Favorite Food: Double Decker, Inside Out Pizza
Favorite Animal: Cheetah
Favorite Moment as a Cavalier: “Honestly, right now it’s just winning games…You can’t beat winning.”

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Ariel Melendez

My name is Ariel Melendez and I'm a sophomore at Cabrini College. I just started my first year writing for the Loquitur, the paper here at Cabrini. I also work with the sports department for the radio.

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