TV junkies: stop withdraw get your daily fix

By Shannon Keough
April 17, 2008

What have you all been doing with your “TV time” since the writers have been on strike? You’ve probably done one of three things: done something more productive, like homework or the laundry, watched the re-runs of your favorite shows or got addicted to a silly reality TV show. Whatever the case, you can drop those hobbies and get back into your groove because new TV episodes are back.

Let’s face it, TV addicts are going through withdrawal and they need their fix. It’s hard enough to have a season finale once a year but for a show to come back only to be taken away again is just nonsense.

I think that the strike might hurt TV shows that were new last fall. I personally didn’t watch that many new shows in the fall but the ones I did I probably won’t watch when they come back. Of course I’ll watch “Scrubs” when it returns, especially since it’s the last season but most likely I won’t continue watching “Gossip Girl” or “October Road.” When I found out that the writers were going on strike I stopped watching new episodes because I didn’t want to get attached to new shows.

However, my two favorite series are “One Tree Hill” and “Lost.” Neither of those had season premieres until January anyway so they were able to have about eight episodes each and there’s been a break for a few weeks but they should return in a week or two; I can’t wait and it hasn’t even been gone for long.

Then there are reality shows, like “American Idol,” that have benefited from this strike. I feel like that show is on every week night for like four hours a night; who needs that much “American Idol?” I don’t like reality television and I’m ready for them to get booted out of their time slots.

With the end of the school year rapidly approaching, it’s hard to find time in between the business to watch new episodes. I really only have enough time for two or three shows so I had to pick and choose; they’re always online anyway if I miss one.

Watching television is the perfect distraction from reality and it’s nice to relax and look forward to something. However, I will admit that maybe we needed that break to see how pathetically hooked on TV we are.

Hopefully we have all come to our senses and realized that lack of TV isn’t the end of the world. We’re all still surviving, even though we didn’t think we would. I guess it’s true that you don’t really miss things until they’re gone.

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Shannon Keough

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