True Life- I’m a Teen Mom

By Victoria Tarver
October 24, 2011

Imagine being a pregnant teen not knowing  what your next step will be. This is what many teens deal with each day after finding out they’re pregnant.

Most people who become pregnant during their teen years are less likely to complete college or even start college at all. Teen mothers account for 11 percent of births in the United States. Raising a child as a teen is not easy for most girls. The mothers’ lives are affected by many aspects financially, mentally and educationally.

This is the story of former Cabrini student Vanessa Letts. She discovered she was pregnant during her first year of school at the age of 19. Luckily she had a family and boyfriend that continue to support her.

“I was in no way prepared, but I didn’t dwell on the fact that I got pregnant,” Letts said. “Instead, I thought about how I was still going to be successful.”

Letts stated that she just took responsibilities for her actions. When she found out she was pregnant, she said that she was surprised and disappointed.

She planned on enjoying and meeting people while participating in the clubs and organizations on campus, but her pregnancy turned everything around.

The first person told about the pregnancy was her boyfriend.

“My boyfriend and I are extremely close,” Letts said. “I knew he would know exactly what to say to encourage me, and make me look at the brighter side of the situation.”

According to, most teen moms don’t receive support from many people during their pregnancy. This leads to them being stressed out and encountering many other problems because they don’t have many people to turn to. It also prevents them from going to school and other social activities that teenagers need to experience in life.

Letts admits that her life has gotten harder after having a baby boy.

“It seems like I’m always up on my toes, there is never down time,” Letts said. “Juggling a baby, a job and school full-time is not an easy task, as well as committing myself to the nursing program.”

Both Letts and her boyfriend’s families help out vastly with the baby. When she needs time alone to get herself together, they all take turns watching her son.

“It’s never easy raising a child when you already had goals planned for yourself to complete for your future,” Letts said.

Letts is now attending nursing school trying to make a better life for her family.

“Most times when girls become pregnant at a young age, people judge them. People also look at them differently, like they’re a bad person, when really they’re still the same person dealing with consequences of the wrong choices,” reports.

Letts still wants the opportunity to continue her social life. Her mother makes it a little easier for her by offering to babysit on the weekends.

“My mother knows that I work hard in school and at work so she gives me time to let loose. This makes me so appreciative and thankful for her,” Letts said. “Most teen moms aren’t even able to receive a break because they can’t get people to watch their kids.”

Being financially stable is a major issue that teen mothers are forced to deal with. As a teen, most times you aren’t that lucky to get a job that’s enough to raise yourself, a child and pay the bills. Vanessa is lucky to still have her boyfriend and they are taking care of their responsibilities the best that they can.

Letts said that she has no regrets having her baby. He makes her happy and it’s a rewarding job. Being a teen mother will never be easy but it’s always good to look at the best part of the situation.

“I hate cleaning up the daily spit up,” Letts said. “The changing of diapers and feeling sleep deprived, but the giggles, smiles and watching my son grow surpasses each milestone. It’s something I couldn’t live without.”

Vanessa Letts became pregnant her freshman year at Cabrini and was forced to withdraw.







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Victoria Tarver

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