‘TrueBlood’ season finale leaves patrons anxious for more

By Melanie Greenberg
September 13, 2011

“Holy crap,” were the first words that came to mind as the season four finale of “True Blood” came to an end. This season we were introduced to a new type of magical, mythical creature as Wiccans took over the small town of Bon Temps. The entire season, it seemed viewers were waiting for a climax and we finally were awarded with a murder-filled finale.

HBO’s “TrueBlood” rounded out season 4 with a well-awaited, murder-filled season finale.

Poor Lafayette seems to have lost the only people he truly loved. While possessed by the crazy dead spirit of Marnie, he stabbed his boyfriend, Jesus, to acquire his dark magic. Yes, tears came to my eyes because Jesus was one of the only characters and romantic storylines who held it together.

Tara, on the other hand, may finally be dead. That may be a little harsh, especially after having a heart-to-heart with Sookie about growing old together and then saving her from crazy Debbie Pelt, who also had her head blown off at Sookie’s hand, but Tara’s antics were growing old.

Sookie, attractive to men only because of her fairy blood in my mind because she is far too whiney to hold a steady boyfriend otherwise, chose not to go with brooding Bill. She also gave up sexy Eric Northman. Sookie and spellbound Eric’s relationship could have been wonderful, like in the “Sookie Stackhouse series,” but was badly portrayed. Fingers crossed she finally goes warm blooded for werewolf Alcide.

A ton of ghosts came back, including Gram who is a seriously creepy dead woman, which may foreshadow yet another supernatural being in season five. Rene, serial killer from season one, came back to warn Arlene about Terry. Terry may have PTSD but I can’t see him hurting even a fly, I mean he has an armadillo named Felix living under his bed.

Jessica and Jason got it on and the couple may be more adorable than Jessica and Hoyt. Hoyt, understandably angry that his best friend slept with his ex, could go from lovable to intolerable next season.

On top of everything, former king of Mississippi, Russell Edgington, escaped his concrete imprisonment setting up a serious showdown next season. Waiting sucks.

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Melanie Greenberg

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