Troops see no end

By Staff Writer
October 30, 2003

Wichita Eagle/KRT

A snapshot of dangers can still be seen facing American troops in Iraq. Terrorist bombings and shootings occur daily on television since the war ended. Critics are now saying that Americans have been misled about the threats that Iraq posed.

According to the Council on Foreign Relations, 46 percent of Americans wanted to reduce the number of troops in Iraq. Though officials of Bush’s administration say they’re making progress, more soldiers have been killed and wounded than during the war..

American troops that were put into short-term service are still away from their families. ROTC students from Cabrini also have yet to return back to their family and friends.

Besides concern on when troops will be coming home, now they want to make an agency to block funding to extremist schools. There’s a sense of preserving urgency in where the war is headed.

There are mixed responses as to what is going on with American troops. Many Americans see that it as the combat is over and they should return home. Unfortunately, the war on terrorism is not quite over.

The U.S. has made progress in capturing and killing 55 top Iraqis. Progress is slow but the future outcome is essential.

ROTC students from all over have said that their service has strengthened the United States. They are willing to fight in order to resolve some sort of peace on the terrorism front.

American troops are headlong into this current situation. They know that their loyalty to the service of their country is one unpredictable road they need to take inconsideration.

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Staff Writer

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