Travel Agencies get ready for Spring break planning time

By Ryan Mulloy
November 1, 2001

Though the first snow fall has not come to Pennsylvania yet, one of the most important topics among student is the two most important words in the dictionary- spring break. In late October, one would not think it would be appropriate to be worrying about what to do this spring, still having Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years all coming up.

Kim Thomas works with Liberty Travel at the Granite Run Mall, located on Baltimore Pike. She feels that now is the perfect time for students to get on the ball and map out their spring break. “They should definitely come in soon,” Thomas said, “especially if they want to get a good flight.”

With students coming in to get planning out of the way, there are of course several hot spots this spring, as there are every year. This year, the places Thomas is asked about the most are Cancun, Jamaica and Florida. For all three destinations, Liberty Travel offers pricing guides complete with their policies. For example, the Florida brochure includes policy on reservations, cancellations, travel revisions and refunds for unused services.

With all that has happened in the United States, there is always a question of both security and most importantly for the college student, there is a major question of price. Today, airline prices are down. Thomas feels that prices are down to encourage more people to get on airplanes, but there is some bad news for students. “There’s some discounts for travel now, but for spring break trips the prices will stay the same.”

The easiest way for a student to take care of spring break is to bundle up with friends and take advantage of a special package. Though Liberty Travel does not offer packages or special discounts for students, they do have several hotel specials, all depending on what your destination is. Liberty Travel has six hotel specials for Cancun for the beginning of 2002 and will be adding more into the spring of next year.

Is there a fear of being taken advantage of as the young, inexperienced student just looking to get away from parents for awhile? Will students have to worry about being taken for all of their money? “Absolutely not,” Thomas stated, at least not with Liberty Travel. “We have an age limit. If the student is under the age of 18, they have to bring their parents to sign the contract.” Employees such as Thomas have found it rather easy though to explain their policies for everyone taking trips, not just students.

Liberty Travel’s website,, is complete with several reassurances of the company with their travelers. The page contains a submenu including the history of the company, store locations and a page called the liberty advantage. The liberty advantage is covered in both reassurance that the company is reliable and a few of its policies.

Liberty Travel guarantees the low price of the land package from the moment your deposit is received. Liberty Travel also guarantees that if any portion of the ground trip is not delivered as promised, an appropriate refund will be delivered.

Another plan that Liberty Travel stand behind is their travel protection plan. For only $50.00, a Liberty Travel client is guaranteed a spectrum of benefits in case of all things unexpected.

With only several more months until spring break, it is suggested that students looking to get away from it all take advantage of travel agencies, such as Liberty Travel. Though it is only the fall, the rush to take an extended vacation will be increasing and be provided with transport and stay in many places will become much more difficult.

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Ryan Mulloy

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