Top 5 websites guaranteed to take away “Facebook funk”

By Shannon Keough
November 8, 2007

shannon keough/photo staff

From homework to shopping, the Internet is a necessity. I can’t imagine living without it. Tired of Facebook? Whether I’m bored or just procrastinating, these are the websites I spend most of my time on:

It’s my homepage so I’m constantly checking my mail, weather and horoscope. They also have the news, TV listing, a ton of radio stations and games. It’s really convenient as a homepage because I can just open my browser and find everything I need.

I recently jumped on the Gmail bandwagon and I’m glad I did. There is endless memory and NO junk mail. I can share calendars and photos and the best thing: I can create documents, spreadsheets and presentations without buying the software. It’s all free!

I go to these sites every time I miss my favorite TV shows. Being in college, it’s really hard for me to stay caught up week after week. I can watch full episode on these websites with only a few 15 second commercials. It’s great!

This website is awesome when there’s nothing else to do. There are quiz categories that include television, music, movies and more.The television quizzes include shows that I watched when I was little and it’s funny to see how much I remember.

Hilarious and sometimes true. This site is fun to visit with friends. Type in someone’s name or just a word and the site gives silly definitions that people have posted.

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Shannon Keough

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