‘Tis the season to be scary

By Michael Sitiriche
October 23, 2003

Van Redin/New Line Cinema

‘Tis the season to be scared. During this time, Hollywood tries to market its scary movies

“I love them,” junior Gina Piro said. “Scary movies can keep you on your toes.” Junior Melissa Natividad said, “I love scary movies because they keep you in suspense. You know something is going to happen but you just don’t know when. The killer can just pop out of no where at any given time in the movie.”

Are the movies of today scary or cheesy compared to the scary movies of the old days? Reyna Calel, a junior sociology major, said, “The movies now a day aren’t scary; I like the old scary movies like Freddy and child’s play.” Meanwhile, freshman Marysia Daly, an elementary education major, said, “The new scary movies are scarier than the old ones; the Freddy movies are great but the new Freddy vs. Jason was just really scary.”

Some of the more modern scary movies like “The Ring,” and the upcoming remake of “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre,” have scared audiences out of their pants. The old scary movies of the past like “Pet Cemetery”, “The Exorcist”, “Dolls”, “and The Shining,” are some of the old movies that people consider the scariest movies of all time.

Angelfire.com gives itsopinion on the top 10 scariest movies along with some honorable mentions. 1. John Carpenter’s The Thing 2. Evil Dead Trilogy 3. Night of the Living Dead, Dawn of the Living Dead, Day of the Living Dead 4. Dead Alive 5. Hellraiser 6. The Beyond 7. Re-animator 8. Halloween 9. The Exocist 10. Pet Cemetery, and angelfire’s honorable mention goes to “Zombie,” “Friday the 13th part VI,” “The Howling,” “Phantasm,” “Cemetary Man,” and “The Dead Next Door.”

So for all you scary movie lovers out there who think that Halloween is the best time of the year, test your lung screaming ability and curl up with one of these movies. Don’t forget to leave the lights on as you watch…just in case.

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Michael Sitiriche

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