Tim Harner plays for the love of the game

By Michelle Moran
May 4, 2006

Dan Squire

Watch out Tiger Woods! Cabrini’s own Tim Harner has started out his golf career with some tremendous accomplishments. Harner, a freshman secondary education major, started leaving an impression on Cabrini within the first week of his season. In his first golf game he was ranked first on the team with a score of 73 and named PAC player of the week.

Harner, who is from Tower City, Pa., has been playing golf for over seven years and was first introduced to the sport by his father. Harner said, “To be honest, the first sport I loved was baseball. I was swinging a bat before I could walk, but then my dad put a golf club in my hand at the age of 12 and I fell in love with the sport.”

Since being introduced to golf, Harner, has been hard at work at mastering his game, which reflects on his record. At Williams Valley high school, he was named the “unsung hero” his freshman year and was team captain from his sophomore to senior year. During his sophomore year, Harner contributed greatly to the team winning the league championship. As a senior, he earned the bronze medal in the league championship, which made him the second person from his high school to do that.

Harner enjoys playing on the team because of how supportive the members are. He said, “Our captains, Brian Prospero and Matt Paris, are very good leaders, they try to keep us relaxed.”

Along with the team captains, coach Tony Verde supports and directs the team. So far the team has been off to a pretty respectable start. Key games include the team’s first game against Holy Family in which the team came in first place. Another impressive match was held in Swarthmore where Cabrini came in second out of six teams. Harner, said, “We just want to go out, do our best and have fun and to do well in the PAC championship and hopefully win it.”

For the rest of the season, Harner plans on improving himself even more and to keep his average golf score around 77. Harner said, “I would like to place in the top 10 at the PAC championship but one of the main things I want to do is to learn how to have fun on the golf course because I put too much pressure on myself.”

Along with golf, Harner’s interests include exercising everyday and running at least three miles and focusing on his major and exceeding in school. “I want to be a history professor because I love helping people. I would also like to become a golf or basketball coach someday.” Also in the back of Harner’s mind is his never-ending dream of perusing a career in golf. “My dream of making a living in golf will never leave me and I will never give up.”

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Michelle Moran

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