Time To SEaL The Deal; Focusing on SEaL and their events for the fall semester

By Roderick Miller
September 5, 2018

Coming back to campus can be such a rocky time for many college students. Starting off with the already overwhelmed upper-class men and very nervous freshmen. There are many emotions being thrown around campus at such a fast pace as classes begin the week after move in.

Parents are often very upset leaving their adult babies alone for the very first time. Students don’t know what to expect, but have one goal set, to survive the semester.

It takes time for young adults to realize that there are no more parents around to take care of them. At first, it is very hard for many college students to learn independence, which then leads to the very famous word of being “homesick.” It takes students time to get out of being homesick and some in fact miss home so much they can’t stay.

This is why the university has the Student Engagement and Leadership office, also known as SEaL for short. With the help of CAP Board, SEaL plans very fun events here on campus for students, to make people feel at home.

“Dorney Park, the Temple game, Dave & Busters, Broadway Show in New York, are all very fun events coming up that the SEaL office are hosting,” SEaL member Amir Moon said. “Bingo and Quizzo are held every month around campus so stop and check them out.”

Photo above: SEaL “Get Involved” poster ; From Facebook.com

Grace Spencer, a Cabrini senior, weighed in on the conversation. After being asked her opinion on some of the events, her response was completely directed toward the Temple game event. “I really like the idea of the college game, but a professional game would be awesome,” Spencer said.

Another member of SEaL, senior Alicia Maynard, began to talk about the planning process of these events on and off campus and why the events that were picked were picked for this year.

“We chose Dorney Park because this event is successful each year we plan it. Students enjoy being able to go off campus especially during the time of Halloween,” Maynard said. “The Temple game is going to be at Lincoln Financial Field, and we believed it would be a great event that students would enjoy because we don’t have a football team.”

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Roderick Miller

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