Thursday Briefing – Week of Sept. 4, 2014

By Mackenzie Harris
September 5, 2014

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All information was gathered by Vox News and the New York Times.

What is ISIS? 

Everything you need to know about what ISIS is and what is going on overseas

  1. ISIS stands for the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant.
  2. They hold a large territory in both Iraq and Syria and intend on expanding their Islamist ideology.
  3. ISIS fighters are Sunnis, but just because these specific fighters are extreme, absolutely does not mean all Sunnis are this extreme.
  4. Oil markets have not been affected yet by ISIS, however they are concerned.  ISIS controls areas across Iraq, which is home to the fifth-largest oil deposits in the world and currently produces about four percent of global oil supply.
  5. ISIS has more than 7,000 combat troops, however the Iraqi army has 250,000 troops, plus armed police.  However, the Iraqi army is a total mess which is why ISIS has had all of their successes.
  6. Iraq’s Sunnis and minorities will likely suffer the most.  “On Aug. 6, ISIS took Qaraqosh, Iraq’s largest Christian town.  The town of 50,000 has had limited access to food, power and water since and some Christians have been given the ‘choice’ to convert to Islam or be killed.”
  7. The United States is launching air strikes against ISIS.
  8. Iran is fighting on the Iraqi government’s side.
  9. Some Americans blame Obama for what is going on in the Middle East, because he did not succeed in extending the Bush-era status of forces agreement with Iraq.
  10. ISIS captured and executed James Foley and Scott Sotloff.


The outbreak of Ebola has engulfed the news recently, but what really is Ebola?

Ebola is the deadliest virus of history, begins with flu-like symptoms and sometimes ends with bleeding. According to Vox, “the virus has infected about 3,000 people and killed more than 1,500 since this winter, according to estimates on Aug. 28 from the World Health Organization.  Since the first outbreak in 1976, Ebola viruses have infected thousands of people and killed roughly 60 percent of them.  Symptoms can come on quickly and kill fast.”

Ebola outbreaks happen because the viruses are constantly circulating in animals, mostly bats.  Treatments for Ebola include IV fluids for dehydration.  However, the chances of Ebola to coming to the US is extremely low.  It is also possible to have this infection and survive.

American journalists overseas:

On Aug. 11, James Foley, an American journalist  was beheaded after being captured on Nov. 22, 2013 in Syria.  Shortly after, the second American journalist for Time magazine, Steven Sotloff was captured and slayed this week on Sept. 2.  These injustices are absolutely inexcusable.  Journalism is an important aspect of every person’s life and without it history would not be written.

Mackenzie Harris

Junior communication major, social justice and leadership double minor, Editor-In-Chief for The Loquitur, Social Media Intern for Cabrini College Office of Admissions, Head of Communication for Cabrini's CRS Campus Ambassadors, Admission's Student Ambassador, Public Relations Manager for Cabrini's Alpha Lambda Delta National Honors Society, member of the Ad and Promotion Club and a published poet.

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