By Kelsey Alvino
September 8, 2010

“ThinkFast” is an up and coming nationwide favorite activity among college students in the United States. With increasing popularity in the past ten years “ThinkFast” has won multiple awards in it’s for of completely- interactive, audience-participation trivia game show. Making a stop at Cabrini, numerous students came out to be tested on their knowledge of every category imaginable.

Answering questions on history, sports, music-videos, pop-culture, world news and environmental issues, “ThinkFast” turned learning, fun and important facts, into a competitive frenzy. Students jumping up and down at the sight of their team name gaining points on the board made the hunt for first place a war of knowledge.
With two lighting rounds, resulting in the top two teams moving on to the finals, there were still two spots open for the “Final Jeopardy” round. To decide on what team would gain these other admired positions there was even more competition to ensue with a portion of “American Idol, bootleg style” and “So You Think You Can Dance, bootleg style” in a battle for the last spots.

Audience members saw students perform in various ways including Kanye raps, Justin Bieber impressions, songs from Disney movies and even some Beyonce dancing.

Christine DiFillippo , a sophomore secondary education major “ ‘ThinkFast’ was really fun. The wild card rounds where people had to sing and dance made ‘Thinkfast’ entertaining and very funny.”

Host kept the atmosphere alive all night being energetic and combining some of today’s hottest music as a track to the night’s event.  Along with the trivia aspect of “ThinkFast” , the game took the time to discuss the importance of accountability, and awareness for what is going on in our community and world. “ThinkFast” was a high-energy, enthusiastic and competitive way to learn and have a lot of fun. Prizes included a range from 200 dollars in gift cards to small prize bags. All participants were welcomed to help in the winners round as the final teams and audience could shout out the correct answers.With 10 total correct answers resulting in the grand prize tension ran hight, would you have known the winning question?

Kelsey Alvino

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