The summer’s out of reach

By Gina Peracchia
September 4, 2003

Steph Mangold

This past summer wasn’t exactly the best I’ve had. Actually, after talking to people on campus it doesn’t seem as though many people had a good summer. I was going to go the negative route and just complain about how it rained every other day, but I decided against it, because I realized there were little things that made it just perfect.

Every weekend that I went down the shore it was either cold or it rained. OK, I do recall a few days where it was sunny, but for most of the time it rained. There are two things that made those days ones that I will always remember. I saw the most amazing sunsets while sitting at the bay and walking along the boardwalk. The sky was filled with every color you could think of. While being mesmerized by the sky, I could think of nothing but how gorgeous it was.

The second thing was the ocean. I’m obsessed with water. I love waterfalls, water rides, lakes, pools, etc., but nothing can top a sunny day sitting at the beach looking into the ocean. Now, we all know the Atlantic Ocean is not blue, but from a distance the sparkling and glistening of the water makes it look so peaceful and pure. I know I’m sounding corny, but I can guarantee I have some people out there who agree with me.

If you’re not a shore person, but you love the outdoors, the park is just the thing. I’ve been going to Valley Green, or “the crick” as some of us in Roxborough call it, ever since I was a little girl. On a warm summer day it can be refreshing to go feed the ducks, sit by the waterfall, and buy some ice cream. I had a few days like that this summer, and even though I usually had to go to work afterwards, it was still a nice break from the busy work schedule I had.

Vacations are always something you can’t do without during the summer. A trip to Florida to visit friends was exactly what I needed. Even though it rained almost every day, we did get a few good beach days in, and had an incredible time every night; whether it was staying in or going night swimming.

For a while, I complained about how horrible this summer was. I worked all the time, had to deal with having a completely different work schedule from all of my friends, and had a close family member pass away. But looking back on it, it wasn’t as horrible as I had previously made it out to be. I was able to enjoy it with the people I love the most and went to my favorite places to have fun and


Always cherish your summers, especially the little things that make them unforgettable.

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Gina Peracchia

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