There’s no fumbling in flag football

By Staff Writer
October 4, 2001

It was an unusually crowded dinner in the cafeteria. As I was going up to get my usual piece of pizza, I couldn’t help hearing the members of Cabrini’s Flag Football Intramurals team buzzing about how disappointed they were that their weekly game was cancelled because of rain the previous day. They were all huddled around in a circle as if they were devising a defense tactic in a game, but the only thing these guys were trying to devise was a way to get around the system and still play to spite the cancelled game.

Intramural Flag Football is held on the upper field by Grace Hall every Tuesday night. The members of the team are very dedicated, and never miss a game, so as you can imagine a rain out to them is a big deal. The team is headed by freshman Joe Woods.

While talking to Sophomore Aking Beverly who was in charge of the team last year. Beverly noted that Woods is doing a great job leading the team this year and deserves the position, “The freshman are the driving force of the team this year, they are extremely dedicated, it is only right that a freshman lead the team.”

Freshman Jason Catalanotto expressed what it seems most of the members of the team feel, that most of the players are former football players from high school. They are discouraged that Cabrini does not have a football team, and miss playing the sport. They feel as though Flag Football is their way of staying in touch with football, and they will take what they can get. Catalanotto also noted “Flag Football is a great way of keeping myself occupied, and meeting new people.” Catalanotto also expressed his excitement at the possibility of going to Florida Most people at Cabrini focus only on the organized sports of the school, and tend to neglect the intramurals.

Intramural athletes are just as dedicated and put in as much effort as any athlete on campus. More students on campus should try and support the intramural teams as much as they can; they need your support to. Also students, who share the interest of football like Beverly and Catalanotto, should contact the Dixon Center or Woods and see if you can get involved too.

Contrary to popular belief there are things to do at Cabrini College. You just have to seek them out. If you have a specific interest investigate what is going on around you. And also if you have any ideas about something that is not yet offered on campus, let your voice be heard!

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Staff Writer

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