There is no such thing as bad dogs: only bad owners

By Jason Archer
March 17, 2019

It was the last day of Thanksgiving break, my girlfriend, Gianna and I decided to go to a local park to film for my video production class. Gianna gave me the idea to bring my 5-month-old, 17 pound Mini Labradoodle, named Brody, to burn off some of his energy.

We decide to go up a steep hill with the Brody to film. As we started to walk down a car began to back up on the grass heading towards us.

The car stops and a women get out and opens up the back door of the car, letting out two Pit Bull mixes, one gray one chocolate/mocha. The dogs started running at us without a leash.

The bite mark left on Gianna’s Forearm. Photo by Jason Archer

Gianna started to pick up Brody when the gray dog grabbed onto Brody by the mid section and began to shake him like a chew toy. The dog bit Brody again but in the process bit Gianna as well.

The second chocolate colored dog participated as well nipping at Brody but not getting a chance to fully bite Brody due to the fact that I charged at both dogs.

Brody fractured 2 ribs, had to get 4 stitches and a tube put in him to drain out fluid that was building up in this body. Photo by Jason Archer

As I began kicking, screaming and running at these dogs the women who owns them made no attempt to grab her dogs accept telling them to get into the car after I started running at them.

Brody started to scream in pain, a sound that will I will never forget, as Gianna began to walk to my car to check Brody’s injuries. The women who owns the dogs asked if we wanted her to call someone but at that point we already began to take action.

There was a lot of yelling and screaming as emotions began to take over. I confronted the lady asking for her name and phone number.

As I explained to her that I was contacting the police she ran to her car and took off, leaving the scene.

As we drove to the hospital Brody would not let anyone touch him due to the amount of pain he was in. The doctor told us that we were extremely lucky and if we had not intervened Brody would have possibly been killed.

As police investigated the issue, it was discovered that this lady had 12 dogs in a tiny apartment and has had issues similar to this case in the past.

The day I picked up my puppy Brody. Photo by Jason Archer

Many people that I have talked to always start by blaming the dogs. My response to this day is that I don’t blame the dogs, I blame the owner.

Dogs are pack animals and need a leader to guide them in the right direction. We as owners are the alphas and all alphas need to show a dog or dogs what is right and what is wrong.  Without guidance the dogs will assume they are the leaders and will do as they please.

I have had the chance to take care of many Pit Bulls in my life and the Pit Bull breed is known for their aggressive nature but just like any other dog, with the proper training this breed can make a wonderful companion.

The image of my dog being thrown around like a chew toy between two dogs has played in my head over and over, but this experience has also made me realize that owning a dog is a special responsibility that one should take advantage of and benefit from for life.

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Jason Archer

1 thought on “There is no such thing as bad dogs: only bad owners”

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