The importance of being family: new traditions

By Cheryl Tranchitella
April 25, 2002

Everyone should be proud of his or her family and should never feel ashamed about its flaws. No one has the perfect family life. I am proud of my family and never felt embarrassed of my parents or thought they were doing a horrible job while raising my older brother and me. Of course there were those teenage years where they were always wrong in my eyes but in the end they were right. Even though that was extremely hard for me to admit I do admit that they were mostly right.

My parents are great role models for my brother and myself. They work hard and some how they would always have time to spend with us. Even now that we are all scattered within three different states, we all still keep in very close touch. My father has worked in the casino industry for about 25 years now. And my mother is a pre-kindergarten teacher’s aid three days a week.

We had times that were rough. I remember one that was most recent, my father was laid off from his job that he obtained for about 23 years in the company due to “down-sizing.” He was given a severance package and my mother was trying to help make end meet. We all had to give up something and work more to help out. After about six months of this lifestyle we grew accustomed to it.

My father ended up finding a great job in another casino. The only problem was it was in Delaware and we live in Atlantic City, New Jersey. He took the job and ended up buying a small house near his place of work. My mother still lives in Atlantic City and my father lives in Delaware. At first it was extremely hard to get used to not having my father around the house. My mother felt this separation also, because they have been together for almost 27 years. Now they really only get to see one another on weekends or family events. My mother says it is like a vacation when she goes to my father’s house. She never has to do anything all the wash and cleaning are done before she gets there. They talk on the phone every night and make sure that each other is safe and to see how their day went.

I must say I was a little worried about having my parents in two different states with two different lifestyles. I do not know of anyone who would not be upset. They act as if nothing has changed and that has made me realize that distance could never tamper with true love. Once we all get together it is like we never skipped a beat. We hold such a strong bond I do not think we would be ashamed of one another. I only hope to be as good as my parents are and succeed as well as they did in raising such a strong family.

Every one should be proud of their family. Sometimes it is the rough times that bring you closer to one another and make you realize how lucky you really are and how much you each mean to one another.

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Cheryl Tranchitella

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