The history of the Cavalier

By Cheryl Wagstaff
September 5, 2002

Katie Keing

Entering Cabrini College as a freshman, not many students know what the school’s mascot is. The mascot is the Cavalier.

Dr. Jolyon Girard was the person who chose the Cavalier as the school mascot. At the time he was the men’s basketball coach. The school had just gone coed but still did not have a mascot. So Girard told the basketball team that they needed to come up with a mascot that they wanted.

When he got back to them they still had not decided what it should be. So the matter of assigning one was put on his shoulders.

Being the history teacher that Girard is, he took into account the schools religious affiliation and went all the way back to King Charles I reign in Britain. The cavaliers were the supporters of Charles’ who wanted to bring Catholicism back to the monarchy.

A cavalier is an armed horseman who supported the Catholic Church in 17th century Britain. The group would later be called Tories.

Cavalier men wore pantaloon breeches, high boots, a broad, falling lace or linen collar and cuffs and a full cloak. This was much like the style of the Puritans. It was not until later in the century that the styles became more extravagant with the use of ribbons and feathers.

Cabrini’s Cavalier is dressed in the school’s athletic colors, which are blue and white. These colors were already established before men attended the school and still remain.

The Cavalier can be seen at several sporting events throughout the school year. He can be spotted from time to time at soccer games, but the best spot to find him is at a basketball game.

The Cavalier does not make too many public appearances throughout the year. In order to see him you have to have a lot of school spirit and go to the games.

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Cheryl Wagstaff

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