The cafeteria vs. the food court

By Staff Writer
September 26, 2002


Chicken finger wrap…ummm sounds good, but let’s face it, after a few days they just get old. The wigwam is definitely convenient when you just have a few minutes in between classes, but who really likes to wait in line for 10 minutes only to find out that they will have to end up flexing some of their meal due to the over priced food?

Sure the cafeteria isn’t any five-star restaurant, but it has its benefits. There is without doubt more variety in the cafeteria and plenty of food to design your own combinations.

The cafeteria allows you to eat just about as much of what you want, where you might be limited to small proportions at the Wigwam. Everyday at the cafeteria you have the choice of a hamburger, cheeseburger, pizza, grilled cheese, french fries and a cold cut bar, all in which you can get at the Wigwam anyway.

You can eat all this plus the choice of a salad bar, cereal bar, omelet station, soup, bagels, waffle station and best of all soft ice cream.

The Wigwam is so cheap this year. They have cut down on the personal pan pizzas and changed it to two measly slices of pizza. There even seems to be a nicer staff at the cafeteria.

There isn’t a day that goes by that one of the staff members working in the cafeteria doesn’t stop me to say, “Hello,” or “How’s it going?” The only thing I have ever heard from the ladies working behind the counter at the Wigwam is, “Who’s next?”

So if you’re looking for a place to sit, relax and catch up on the latest gossip, then the cafeteria is definitely a better choice.


When it comes to eating at Cabrini, all of the students know that the Wigwam is so much better than the cafeteria. Besides not having to wait in line for what seems like all afternoon, the Wigwam is more convenient in many ways. Whether it be that you’re a picky eater or simply just in a rush, the wig-wam is definitely the best bet.

One thing comes to mind when comparing the two dining halls – quality not quantity.” Even though the food at the cafeteria is all you can eat, the quality of the food is not nearly as good as the food at the Wigwam. Don’t get me wrong, eating at the cafeteria is great if you feel like stuffing your face with the same exact foods on a daily bases. Even though the Wigwam is smaller in size than the cafeteria, the variety of food the Wigwam offers is much greater. The cafeteria is very repetitive when it comes to the food that they serve. I don’t think anyone wants to eat a greasy grilled cheese sandwich or a “chewy” hamburger from the cafeteria everyday.

Sure if you haven’t eaten anything all day the cafeteria may seem like a good idea, but for what reason did you miss breakfast or lunch in the first place, was it due to the tremendous line that you didn’t feel like waiting on, or was it due to the fact that you got there and the food that was being served didn’t appeal to your appetite? Overall, the benefits of eating at the Wigwam greatly outway the benefits of eating at the cafeteria.

Staff Writer

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