Theater student shapes goals

By Kevin Durso
November 27, 2011

            If you’ve watched any local programming, you may have seen a commercial reminding you that “you’ll love the arts in Philadelphia.” But what makes the arts, especially in the theater, something that others love?


Finegan now interns with Wilma Theater of Philadelphia.

Exploring the alternate perspective is junior English major Kait Finegan, who recently played the roles of Anne Frank and Eva in Cabrini’s production of “And Then They Came For Me: Remembering the World of Anne Frank.” She recently has been an intern at the Wilma Theater in Philadelphia serving as a production management assistant.


It should come as no surprise, then, that Finegan’s theater background was critical in taking such an internship.


“I had to have a ton of experience in the theater field,” Finegan said. “It was required for me to have an intense amount of knowledge on how to run the production side of a theater. I needed to know stage equipment, lighting, costuming, and the business aspect of the theater.”


Finegan has been a part of the theater since she was younger and enjoyed being able to continue participating in theater upon arriving at Cabrini her freshman year. She had nothing but kind words for her time in Cabrini’s theater program thus far.


“Being a part of the theater program and working with Dr. Stretton as our director is incredibly exhilarating and an honor,” Finegan said. “Everyone involved is so continuously happy to be working on a play or musical to express our talents to share with our audiences.”


Finegan also expressed gratitude for the support of fellow Cabrini students and those who have attended theater productions throughout her time at Cabrini, saying that those supporters “make the experience worthwhile.”


“At Cabrini, we truly get the best audiences in our theater,” Finegan said.


Most internships for Cabrini students are obtained with help from the Career and Co-op Services Office. But Finegan found her internship at the Wilma on her own.


“I sent my resume to a few theaters in Philadelphia and then got called in for interviews,” Finegan said. “I was then hired by the Wilma about a week later.”


Finegan said she didn’t use the offices to get the job itself, “but when it came to getting credit for the job and working on objectives to accomplish they definitely helped a lot.”


Finegan says that students who are interested in internships should use the Career and Co-op Services offices to their advantage.


“I would recommend the office to other students,” Finegan said. “The office is a great help to have a good experience in any field that you think you might want to work in. Whether you know what career path you’re taking or not, they can absolutely help you in the right direction.”


Finegan’s internship has already taught her some important things as she pursues a career in the theater. With everything she learns, she hopes it helps her future become even brighter than the lights of Broadway.


“I’ve learned a broader sense of the behind the scenes theater work,” Finegan said. “Thankfully I’ve had this incredible opportunity to see what it is like to work in a professional theater and meet amazing directors and actors. I hope to use this experience to move me on to my next experience in my future of working in theater.”


Finegan isn’t sure where these experiences will take her, but one thing is certain. She wants her learning experiences to culminate in a career around the theater, whether it be on the stage or off.


“I’ll be pursuing theater as a career whether it is on the stage or in the production management department,” Finegan said. “I’m not positive yet, but this is far beyond an activity for me.”


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Kevin Durso

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