Theater ‘sets stage’ for students at Cabrini College

By Patrick Gallagher
March 24, 2010

Cabrini is full of ways to express yourself. One of the best is through the Cabrini Theatre.

Many students who have been actively involved in high school are given the opportunity to carry those skills into the theater on campus, but for others, it is also an opportunity to try something new.

“I’ve been involved in theater all throughout high school and wanted to continue my experience here at Cabrini,” Rob Stoop, junior pre-nursing major, said.

The most recent production produced by the theater was “The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee.”

It’s an award-winning musical comedy that centers on a spelling bee in rural Putnam County Middle School. The musical is just one of many that the theater has produced.

“I love doing it, because it’s a fun activity that gives you a great sense of comfort, especially when you work with people you love being around,” Stoop said.

Cabrini’s Theatre is a great way to develop a strong group of friends and is a place where you can become part of a great activity on campus.

“It’s extremely easy to join, just walk in. And the great part is, we’re always accepting and need people to join,” Stoop said.

Whether you have a vast knowledge of theater or don’t know anything about it, you are encouraged to come out and give it a try. There are many different positions and the performance is always something new so you might just fit that perfect need.

Many students have had exposure to some sort of public speaking and the performing arts are a great way to take those skills to the next level. You will be given the opportunity to showcase your talents and skills in a fashion that lets the public and your peers appreciate it.

“No one needs experience to do anything. It’s a learning process. Every day I learn something new, and I’ve been doing this for a while,” Stoop said.

The director is Dr. Thomas R. Stretton Jr. Students say he offers excellent direction and allows for personal growth and presents limitless teaching lessons. Students say he is a professor who is very involved with different activities as well as much of the education curriculum.

Stretton uses his teaching philosophy not only in the classroom, but in his time while directing. The theater experience shows the public a piece of art and also teaches students valuable lessons and helps them grow as individuals.

College can be a strong experience that may be intimidating for some at first, but after joining a group like the theater it makes the college experience memorable. Groups like this give students opportunities to let their creativity show through and help them find their true voice.

Patrick Gallagher

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