By Kelsey Cummins
September 20, 2012

Late night practices, cramming for tests and staying up to watch one of your favorite television shows are just a few reasons why colleges need a go-to place for students to get late night snacks. The RAC is a new addition to Cabrini College Campus. It opened Sept. 17th 2012. Many schools have a go-to place that is opened 24 hours, which is very convenient for students during finals week, practicing for sports or just for students who don’t go to sleep early.

Cabrini College has two different options for this; Cabrini has Sandellas, which is a market place that sells pizzas and wraps. It is opened from 7 P.M to 11 P.M Monday through Friday.  Years before hand, they were opened from 7 P.M to 10:00 P.M which was not late enough and the food was not that good, students said. The new place to be on campus is The Rac. This is a great atmosphere to be around. There is a great selection of food, from wings to hot dogs and hamburgers. Many students have said they are very pleased with the food and the   atmosphere. However the only complaint that has been talked about are the hours. The RAC is opened until 11:30; many students think that was a false advertisement due to rumors saying it was going to be opened 24 hours. One employee who was not pleased with the hours however was pleased with the food and atmosphere. When walking into the RAC, students are greeted with several tables, a television, and even vending machines, walking to the right there is a room with a pool table to play and couches to watch peers play competitive games or tournaments. Then, keep walking down a little hall and that’s where the delicious food and long line filled with starving college students begin.

Many student like The Rac better than Sandellas. However Sandellas and Jazzman’s still are making business. Many students like how you can also you flex and meal exchange at the RAC.

Overall I think this new service was a great addition to Cabrini College’s campus.


Hours: 7:30 P.M, to 11:30 P.M

Location- right behind the library

Variety of food from hot dogs, to wings or even hamburgers

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Kelsey Cummins

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