The Rac

By Kelsey Cummins
October 8, 2012

The big talk on campus is the RAC. It’s a place to hang with friends, catch up on gossip and what is going on throughout campus, oh and a place to get good food.  This new fun area on campus opened up on Sept. 17th. It’s located behind the library and behind public safety.

“The food is way better than the Cafeteria and Jazzman’s,” says student Christine Guthrie, a junior at Cabrini College. Another student, Alexis Christiano, said, “I like the food a lot however the downfall is the prices. They are way too overpriced.”  Senior Megan Ryan said, “I really enjoy the atmosphere of the RAC, and it is a way to engage with people you may not talk to outside of class to talk there. Even just to go there and play pool or watch television.”

Some food that you can purchase at the RAC would be burgers, quesadillas, hot dogs, chicken sandwiches, any type of wraps, chicken tender basket and even French fries. People can even order deserts, which consist of oatmeal cookies, brownies and chocolate chip cookies. Students can purchase these items with their I.D’s with meal exchange or even flex dollars.

Overall the RAC is a great addition to Cabrini College campus. Many students are thrilled with the outcome and so is the college all around.  Some students go to the RAC just to hang out and talk with their friends and don’t even eat. It’s a great social environment with many young minds. The RAC is doing very well.


  •  The Rac is a great addition to this College
  • The food is overpriced

Kelsey Cummins

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