The poster sale takes on Founders Row

By Lauren Kelley
October 2, 2019

Bright posters lined Founders Row during the poster sale. Photo by Lauren Kelley

Students and staff alike were thrilled to see hundreds of different posters available for purchase on Founders Row to start off the last week of September.

While walking through campus on Monday and Tuesday, the poster sale was pretty hard to miss. The central location between Founders Hall, the Holy Spirit Library and the dormitories made for a perfect spot for everyone to shop around and socialize.

The poster sale on campus took place at the perfect time of year- shortly after the start of school, but long enough after for the craziness to die down. Seeing multiple rows of colorful posters displayed outside in the sunshine with music playing was a great way to get people excited.

Students Mary Scafidi and Mark Sowinski shop for posters. Photo by Lauren Kelley

The poster sale has previously taken place in the common area of Founders Hall, but students seemed to be happy about the slight change in venue, outside, to Founders Row.

Student Mary Scafidi was excited to see the poster sale set up on campus in a different location than last year, and anticipated shopping around with friends.

Scafidi stated that the prices were more reasonable than they were last year, and that “the guys working this year were super cool and nice.”

Posters ranged from eight dollars to $13 at the poster sale.

When asked about her favorite posters, Scafidi stated that the trendy/pop culture posters were her favorite.

“I love the music posters, like the ones with David Bowie and Billie Eilish,” Scafidi said.

Graphic artwork filled the tables at the poster sale. Photo by Lauren Kelley

Mark Sowinski was overwhelmed with options when flipping through tables of poster books. His favorite posters were the classic movie posters and the musical posters.

“The prices are good. I’m going to grab a few posters, but I don’t want to get too many,” Sowinski said.

Sowinski noted that the poster sale was in a perfect location, especially for freshman. Because the sale took place on Founders row, the students of Xavier, Woodcrest and West dormitories basically had to walk by.

Claudia Filipino (right) and her friend Kate Durot are excited about this poster. Photo by Lauren Kelley

Claudia Filipino was very excited about the poster sale. It was her first time going to the event and she spent $100 in attempt to fill up the walls of her dormitory room.

“I like the colorful trippy posters and the old school music posters. I love the Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin and Queen,” Filipino said.

According to Lee Davis, The Poster Sale LLC employee, the most popular posters are the sports posters, closely followed by pop culture, music and movies. “Right now, the most popular sports posters are Koby, Lebron and Jordan,” Davis said.

Students shopped for posters in the beautiful weather. Photo by Lauren Kelley

The staff at The Poster Sale LLC conducts extensive research into what millennials are interested in and produces posters with the most popular, frequently purchased and requested designs. They frequently feature up and coming artists and graphic designers on top of their classic designs.



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Lauren Kelley

1 thought on “The poster sale takes on Founders Row”

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